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Israeli fighter will become a Czech veterinarian

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Nationality Israeli, age 28, height 173 cm, weight 70 kg. These are some important physical characteristics of Michael Vodovozov, who studies at University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno. They are so important because besides studying of vocational Latin there are also other activities, how he spends time. He is successful fighter and competitor in Fightclub Brno.

Not the first change

When he moved to Czech Republic in order to study there it was not the first important change in his life. He was born in Uzbekistan wherefrom his parents emigrated during his childhood. „My father believes, so do I, that as the Jews we should live in the Jewish country,“ he smiles during sitting on the floor in the gym. He is leaning against the wall behind which we can hear the hits. He is not wearing the shirt and a drop of sweat is flowing from his forehead.

Life, which he lived in Israel, was quite different from his life in these days. He made the decision to study veterinary during his service in the army. „Simply that was the job for which I has been paid but if you do that more than three years, your brain is changed to stone." Because he always wanted to work with animals he started at the college in Israel and spent two years there but in Czech Republic it was not accepted so he had to start from the beginning.

Now he stays in Czech for five years. He dislikes the lectures at the university because it is only about reading from the blackboard. „In Israel were lectures more active. We had to ask more and talk with each other. Professors are quite boring here,“ Michael said. That was the reason why he stopped attending the lectures and studies on his own.

The unpredictable life

It is not hard to stay in Czech Republic as a Jew but some problems are here. „People sometimes think that my religion is the same as the Muslim religion. I can´t explain it to them.” Michael is happy that he can live in Czech Republic and likes the Czech people mentality but does not want to stay here forever.

According his heart his home is Israel. Although his Czech friends are as second family for him, he is still misses the relatives. „ I met many special people, they are the best thing of my life here and I am not a homesick girl but I call to my parents and brothers minimally once a week,” he confesses while looking at me with his big brown eyes. But the possibilities to move to another different country he does not exclude. „The life is unpredictable.”

Fight in his blood

It was the father who led him to the fighting sports. At the beginning he was 10 years old and it was the wrestling which he started to do together with his brother. After six years when the pause came during his military service. Now he trains in Fightclub Brno specializes in grappling which is way of the fight refers to techniques, maneuvers, and counters applied to an opponent in order to gain a physical advantage in hand-to-hand combat. Simply it's a bit like wrestling. „I believe if you are doing something in your childhood it is nature for you. That is why grappling is more in my blood,” he says.

Sport is not just a hobby. „It is something which can change you. For example there are some days when your friends have parties, eat hamburgers but you can´t because you have to go to the training in the morning. It makes you stronger.”

He would like to develop to the MMA fighter and become the world champion. Although he is the competitor for several years and has many victories he thinks he is still the beginner. „I learnt from each of my losses but the hardest was the last one. I trained a lot for that fight so I was a lot relaxed and was knocked out,” he is standing up and going to continue with training. The plan is to sparr under stress because it is the way how to avoid being overconfident. He will have a next fight in couple of weeks and this time he does not want to lose.

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