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Italian student: I will definitely choose Brno as an Erasmus destination again

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Brown eyes, short dark hair and a with a white shirt under a green sweater and a pair of jeans, a neutral look between formal and informal. At first, he can seem a little bit shy, but all of that disappear after a hot coffee and a couple of minutes.  Francesco Riso, a 25-year-old boy, moved from the University of Milan to Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. He is currently doing an Erasmus and he is also studying a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering.

 It was his dream since he was 13-years-old, to make the world a better place and to study our environment. But it was not that easy for him to choose what to study. “My father wanted me to study law and he was really mad when I finally chose this carreer, but now he is so proud of me”, he says while he searches a picture of him on his phone.

 Although that Brno was not always his first destination option, he seems to have no regrets. “I started from the basis that I was going to travel and see the world, I did not do it thinking about academics”, says Francesco that have already been in Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia since he is living here. The language has also become a little problem for the Italian student, “I tried to learned Czech but it was really difficult, sometimes it is a problem because not everyone here can speak English, but google translator helps a lot in these cases”, he laughs.

 “The first month was horrible; I did not know anything. One night I was trying to go to the residence and I ended up on the lake because I forgot the name of the stop, now I laugh about it but I was really scared on that moment”, Francesco add. One of the biggest thing that surprise him and everyone that has come here to visit him, is that the beer is cheaper than the water.

 When Francesco speaks about all he has been through in Brno, his mouth turns into a smile. He admits that this program has changed him a lot. An introvert boy, who used to live with his parents and with nearly 8 hours of lessons every week, it is now almost an independent adult who has more life besides the studies.

 “This is probably the best experience of my life, I know it is early to say that because I am young, but It is one hundred percent true “, says Francesco who has recommend Brno and the Erasmus programme to everyone he knows. “Even though it was not my first election as I said before, it is the best destination; the parties, the life style, the hockey… everything has a little of magic here”, he says revelling his love for this city.

 Getting closed to the end of the interview we start talking about the future and if he sees himself living here forever, “No, no, no I really like the experience but I am already missing the sun and the pasta of my mamma. But I hope I could come on a future and show the city to my kids.”


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