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Kase.O - El Círculo

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Almost two months ago, Javier Ibarra Ramos released the most important album in the history of Spanish Hip-Hop. For those who do not know him, he is considered the best rapper not only in Spain but also in Latin America. After years and years waiting for it, he presented his first album without the rest of his group, Violadores del Verso.

Kase.O, as he is known in the music world, forgot about what he had done before. He try to create completely different songs with new stories to tell. Going from anecdotes with friends to his biggest problems. He always criticize politicians, wars and injustices but listen to him talking about himself, his depressions and his personal problems in that deep level is so impressive. Especially the 16th track. Those who hear it are going to be shocked.

As he has said, he had to listen to more than 800 productions from different DJs to find what he wanted in his album. This situation made him learn how to create music and work not only on the lyrics but in the production process too. ‘El Círculo’ contains 17 tracks full of art and dedication by Javier Ibarra who has shown why he is considered the best once again.

Moreover, Kase.O did not come alone. He counted on many friends to sing with him and being part of this work creating a diverse album. On the one hand, his bandmates Lírico and Sho-Hai and -another big rapper from Zaragoza- Xhelazz made the fans remember about the past and why they love them. On the other hand, he has a song with a female singer called Najwa who helped him to do something never seen before. Because if we take a look at his career he has never had singers in his tracks.

‘El Círculo’ is a great job in all aspects. Firstly, its cover. A creative drawing that has inside represented all parts of artist’s life by animals or plants. His parents and brothers, his group... His girlfriend is a panther, for example. Secondly, its tracks. Every song has magic. Each one is different from the previous. Thirdly, its music. It was produced for the best DJs in Spain including himself. Something that shows his evolution and his desire to continue growing. Next, its collaborations. The people who are with him in this work made them best. For example, a Venezuelan rapper called McKlopedia. It demonstrates the international recognition of Kase.O. And last but not least, its lyrics. They are perfectly balanced. Funny, personal, critical songs… A perfect way to show that he can do what he wants and do it well.

For me, this album means a lot. He is my favourite artist and I had been waiting for its release for years. Nowadays, ‘El Círculo’ is helping me to feel closer to home. I like every one of the risks he has taken. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in rap even if Spanish is not their language. At least, try to listen to the album. Enjoy and feel the music. In the end, art is a universal language.

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