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Kometa is falling down behind the sounds of vulgarism

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Fights for bronze tend to be harder than the ones for gold, sometimes. It is also the case of hockey match between Kometa Brno and Oceláři Třinec. Even if it is only the continuous order at stake, not a medal. The Wednesday match had also extremly loud vulgar backdrop. For Kometa it is serious problem this season.

Last year champions from Kometa are actually on the fourth place. Their fans from Brno are obviously nervous. When you come in to the arena, people are full of energy.  Applaus and cheer sound in cold and freezing air. But only for home team. With the first player from Třinec the swearings start to sound. The rivality is both – on the ice and also between the viewers.

In the Brno team, Vincour with Tomáš Svoboda is returning to recover the offensive. Although the Brno players has an optical territorial dominance, they are lacking the emphasis on overcoming Hamerlik goalkeeper. The steelmakers builds a fast attack offensive from a secure defense. In the end, they do the same as domestic hockey players and in the first third of Čiliak they did not seriously endanger themselves.

Referees must often eliminate. The first goal after several chances fell in the middle of the second period. Luck for Kometa. But in a minute it is Třinec time. To the end of period the Kometa scores again. In the third third there is noticeable fatigue of domestic players. Třinec scoring twice. The score goal, the decisive one, shoots the guests a minute before the end. The bronze is out of reach.

Fans are rude. Not only for the guest team. They are sneezing also the boss of ice hockey extraligue Josef Řezníček. Colorful transparents are seen mainly in the fan base, they fly up at every foul or injustice. "Řezníčku, jsi hovado!" Speaker screems to the megaphone. And it is the kindest name of the evening.

Surprisingly, fans know the club will have problems. They know they could close the stadion for the next match. Even the price of the vulgarism they have written in the transparents.  "***** = 2000?" But the anger is stronger in them.

Drunk men, the smell of beer, cold and disappointment. Whistle. Crashes. Bugs. Fathers covering chlidren ears. There are not much here, fortunately. Hockey holiday became disgusting and poor and awful. And the culprits are fans.


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