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Lana del Rey made her fans in Barcelona cry and laugh

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One of the very famous and controversial American singers Lana del Rey performed in Barcelona on 19th of April and made everyone, including myself, very emotional. It was her last but one concert of her Lust for life tour so many of her fans from all over the world were excited to see her.

The concert took place in the Palau Sant Jordi stadium which stands on a hill above the city of Barcelona. When I joined the queue about 3 hours before the concert was supposed to start, there were already hundreds of people waiting. Some of them had waited there from very early morning. „I’ve seen Lana for seventeen times, I am following her on her tour all around the world. I am waiting here since 6 a.m. because I want to get to the front row and take another picture with her,“ explains Jeremy from Canada who has her signature as a tattoo on his arm.

I was lucky to have some of my friends waiting in the line and holding a spot for me. If  they weren’t there, I would be probably somewhere in the back and I would have been waiting for much more longer time and still ended up in the back. People in the queue were mainly about 20 to 30 years old and they were wearing very stylish and some of them even retro clothes. Lot of them were drinking beer to keep themselves hydrated during such a hot day. You could also see lot of street salesmen who were selling beer and water to make some money.

Then they suddenly opened the gate and people started to get crazy, they were shouting and squeaking because they wanted to get inside as soon as possible. We passed through the gate and then we got into next queue. People started to be little bit mad but they still had some alcohol to keep them in a good mood. We had to wait in that other line for almost one hour. I was able to feel the pressure from the crowd. When they finally let us go inside the stadium most of the fans were running as fast as they could so they could get to the front.

As we got inside the stadium and near the main stage, the atmosphere started to be more tense. Some people were even sitting on the floor because they were really tired from standing in the queue whole day. „We have bought an early entrance ticket so we could be in the first row, but I didn’t think that we will be supposed to wait here for such a long time. I hope she’s coming soon,“ said one Spanish girl who was standing ahead of me. We waited there for another hour and then all of a sudden the lights turned off. Everyone started screaming and jumping and then one lady came to the stage. At first people thought it was Lana but it was the support singer with her band called Cat Power. I would describe the singer like someone between Lana and Adele. She had a voice like Adele but her songs were more like Lana del Rey. Everyone was smiling and waving, people were enjoying the performance and getting more and more excited about the performance of Lana.

After the support show there was a short break and then finally the one who we were all waiting for was coming. People started to be insane, everyone was screaming Lana’s name and trying to get as close to the stage as possible. The atmosphere was very energetic and lively. Stage was full of flowers and trees, lit by pink to blue lights. Lana was looking gorgeous, she’s wearing yellow top with brown skirt and high boots. She started the whole show with her song 13 beaches and everyone was singing: „It took 13 beaches to find one empty…,“ as loud as they can. When I looked around I saw thousands of people staring at the stage. Everyone seemed to be very focused on the show while they were recording the performance on their mobile phones. Some people were laughing and smiling, some people were even crying because all Lana’s songs are very emotional.

There wasn’t only Lana at the stage, there were two female dancers and support singers and other three members of her band. One man was playing the piano, another one was playing quitar and the last one was playing the drums. They seemed to be very united as they were enjoying their performance. Lana was singing almost all of her famous songs and asking fans what she should sing next. The most exciting moment of the concert was when she decided to go down the stage to see her fans in the crowd. This moment was so emotional because we were able to see her taking selfies, hugging and kissing her fans on a big screen. Everyone was shouting: „Lana, Lana, please come here! I love you!“ and so on. She said that she was so happy to be here with us and that she loves her fans.

The concert lasted about 3 hours and when it ends, everyone around me was smiling and some people were crying because of all the happiness and emotions. „This was the first time I saw Lana and I can’t even describe my feelings. The whole show was amazing and so emotional for me,“ said Bradley from UK. It seems that the show was very emotional for lot of her fans, mostly for those who got her signature or a photo with her. Lot of people also bought some merchandise goods to keep their memory of the concert.



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