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Lithuanian student compares three countries for study

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The young creative girl called Rūta Draskinytė join our seminars this semester. She comes from Kaunas, Lithuania, where she lives with her family. But these days she is stuyding at Masaryk University, Brno.

For studying and living abroad she has a conditions, her brother Justas lived and worked in Germany for around four years, now he works in an engineering solutions company in Lithuania. She probably inherited her creative spirit from her parents, violin teacher Violeta and former musician Valentinas. The part of the family is cat named Kitty too.

CyprusRūta was studying in music gymnasium for 8 years, played piano and sang in a quire. “I always say that I cannot live without music, but I am not gifted enough to be a performer, so quire is the best solution, you never sing alone, no one can really hear you,” says Rūta. After she decided that music is not her passion, she moved to other gymnasium and then entered university. She was in a quire in both places.

She starts her studies in a field of study New media language and human resource management as a minor in Kaunas university of Technology. “I chose these studies because I didn’t know, and still don’t, what I want to study and what I want to be in my life, so New Media Language programme was new in Kaunas university of Technology and it looked very interesting,” explains Rūta, who belongs to the only second generation of these studies. These offer a many different subjects, second language opportunity and opportunity to chose minor studies.

CyprusAt the university, she met a girl from Thailand, who joined to her class in 1st year in spring semester. She introduced Rūta to a lot of her international friends. “We really had a great time, we went to parties together, went around the city and so on. They looked very, happy, always said that everyone should go on Erasmus, then I decided to apply for it too,” says she about her first motivation to use Erasmus programme.

Her first experience of Erasmus was from Cyprus, which is, how she says, a wonderfull country with beaches, hills, amazing food and friendly people. “I chose that country because university if Nicosia has a great variety of different study fields. This was the most important thing, because I am studying a lot of different subjects and it is hard to find a place with all of them,” clarifies Rūta. Also, studies were easier for her in comparison to Lithuania, because the system was really similar.

CZAfter her first time in Erasmus she was overwhelmed and instantly applied to go on Erasmus again and due to recommendations from international coordinator, she chose Czech Republic. “Honestly, as Cyprus set a really high expectations bar, Czech was a disappointment from the beginning,” admits Rūta, because she has a lot of stress with school modules, registrations for the courses and with her living place too.

There were moments, when Rūta really wanted to go back to home. She was not satisfied with the local environment. Weather was cold, snow and rainy, people were closed and Erasmuses sessions were only about parties, that she does not like. “Now, after a bit more than a month my view changed a bit. I found friends that I enjoy spending time with, travelling or just playing board games in tea houses. I have to say I love these tea houses. We do not have them in Lithuania, only cafés but without board games. They are really expensive in Lithuania and I really enjoy playing them. Everything is fine with my classes and I already adapted with the studying schedule,” mentions the positive of staying in Czech Republic.

Despite, all these unhappy situations brought to Rūta priceless life experience and she is different person now. “I realised that not everything is all hearts and roses in your life. Sometimes you have to freak out and stress a bit, so you would know what your capabilities are. I feel stronger now. I am very thankfull for my family and boyfriend who were with me all the time and encouraged me not to give up,” summarizes Rūta and with her open-mindedness can appreciate the good side of Czech Republic too, like a great transport, warmer spring than Lithuania’s, beautiful architecture or some great places to visit. 

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