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Majáles parade this year: music, colours, laughter and happiness

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May is the month of celebrating. All the students celebrate the energy of youth and Brno as the with a lot of universities could not stay behind. The highlight of these celebrations is, of course, the Majáles and the students majáles parade through the streets of the city. 

Majáles parade in Brno photo: Rudolf Požár

I went  to the Brno's Majáles parade for the first time and I was very curious how it would look like. Procession takes place on the 5th May and starts at half past ten in the Square of Liberty. On the way through Ceska street I meet a busker who is playing rock n roll. He is quite good, but I do not have time to listen him.  I am in hurry to the Square of Liberty, because I am late.

The Square of Liberty is already full of people. On the trailers, which serve as an improvised mobile stage, are the most famous Czech bands and they are playing their biggest hit. Dozens of young people are everywhere. Sound engineer with the purple-pink hair stands between people and adjust the sound on the iPod. Band named Vypsaná Fixa is just playing my favorite song Petrol station. People have fun and enjoying music, which is heard from all corners of the square. Others bands are Rybičky 48, Jelen, Tomáš Klus and Mandrage. Each university is represented by one band.

The organizers give the final advice to us before the procession set a journey. "Be careful and do not go to the opposite direction on the road, we do not want to lose you," the boy in the green vest with the megaphone call. The tape is solemnly cut and all people start to move. At the head of the parade drumline in the red t-shirts is playing exciting marching rhythms.

Headliners of the afternoon festival Rybičky 48 are playing for students of the Brno University of Technology. They give a bottle of rum to the audience. "Do not drink all bottle at once, you have to share it with others," the singer laughed to one student.

Colorful crowds crawl between parked cars in a narrow street near Dominican Square. Music from individual bands mixed up in one huge sound ball. There is also a mixture of scans of student. "Masárna, masárna,” students from Masaryk University scream and are waving with blue flags. Majorettes march in front of them.
On the trailer for pupils from high schools, where played Mandrage band, stand three young girls. They are laughing and dancing in the rhythm. The crazy joy of people around is drive by excellent spring weather. Students fire smoke grenades in the color of each university.

Majáles is held in many towns. Besides the university centers is Majáles organized in other smaller towns where stand local grammar schools. This spring ceremony have had a long tradition in Bohemia since the 15th century. This Student celebrations of youth is full of recession today as well as in history. Many people argue that this is a boring commercial festival. Perhaps they are right, but I do not mind right now. I follow this colorful party towards Mendel's Square and to the Brno Exhibition Center.

The procession is rolling between trams. I join the Veterinary Faculty again, where my favorite band Vypsaná fixa plays. The trailer, where the band stand, brake abruptly and the singers microphone fall to the ground. "The driver has a heavy bread," laughs the singer Mardi.

The whole parade ends in front of the gateway of the exhibition grounds and the bands are disconnected from the visitors. "We will play the last song, so enjoy it," Tomáš Klus calls. However, the whole event does not end, and continue with big music festival in the exhibition center. The parade was really crazy, students with bands together created an incredible atmosphere.

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