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Mobster found friends during killing

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I am approaching the passage. It is a cold winter night. I am finally coming to the agreed-upon place. He is standing there and smoking a cigarette. Should I worry? After all, he is a murderer. This year, he has been responsible for seven murders. Just this year.

But there is no reason to worry. His weapon is not a gun. His weapon is a toothbrush. Name of the “murderer” is Ondra Vaněk. This 22-years-old man is one of the best players in the game called Assassin Brno.„It's a very good game, I like it. I started with playing two years ago. It's a great way how to spend time. Man is constantly outdoors. I have to be careful everywhere. Thereby I practice my senses more. I have to observe my surroundings, so I was not killed, but I could kill someone,” says the man, whose clan is the best in the game.

The game Assassin Brno is a game in which compete several groups called Famiglia. In fact the game theme is “Mobster Roleplay”. Head of every Famiglia is a leader called Don. Player´s job is to kill members of foreign clans and still keep an eye on your life. Kill opponent is not easy. You must jugulate the throat of opponent from behind by his toothbrush. Only in this way you can send someone out of the game. The only defence before murder is to escape or put a toothbrush in his mouth. Additionally, players participate in supplementary games for example poker tournaments, social events or they buy family businesses for game currency. The goal of the game is to control the underworld of Brno and gain control over the entire city.

The game is dynamic. You never know the good opportunity to strike would come. Ondra´s phone is ringing. „Don wrote me. He has a job for me,” and he is going to meet his job. Don transmit him a toothbrush to an agreed place. Toothbrush belonged to Simona. She is from another Famiglia and now she is Ondra´s victim. „We know that Simon has to kill you. Your clan had taken her gun. People from the clan knows where is now Simon. There is her gun. By this weapon you should be killed, give her a taste of her own medicine,” said Don to Ondra. Ondra knows what to do.

Simona meanwhile leaves the place where she was. Whole clan traces her. Everyone is afraid that she will disappear in the shelter of her clan. Fortunately, she is going to the bar. Meanwhile Ondra is waiting outside. It is cold. His hands are slowly but surely freezing. There is no time to wait. It is necessary to act. His clan surround to Simona and Ondra unnoticed gets into the bar. Everything is going according to the plan. Ondra is approaching Simona. He is pulling the gun that belonged to the victim. Although Ondra has frozen hands, he is infallible. For this woman the gloomy bar became her grave. It's 3:15 and she has “died”.

She has died, but there was never her blood on the floor. Ondra is proving his game card. Simona is giving in return her card – it is a sign that he killed her. That is the day of Mafioso member. „It's really funny. Sometimes it's hard – you must wait for hours a victim. Not always it goes so beautifully as today. Sometimes the enemy suspects, who is prepared for him, and therefore he prefer hiding at home,” says Ondra. And so, even though it belongs among the best players, he knows that it is primarily a game. „Thanks to this game, I've learned very much. I met lots of new people. This game is also an opportunity to know more about Brno and look in places that you did not even have any idea of,” says Ondra.

This game has been played in Brno since 2005 and the only requirement is to be at least 18 years old and occur at least four days a week in Brno. More information about the game and the rules can be found at http://brno.assassin.cz

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