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Nervous rapper beyond the standards

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He looks like Eminem. And he does almost the same. Zdenny, whose real name is Zdeněk Kalous is a young rapper. He writes his songs and could the music all by himsef. About six years ago Zdenny started to sing, trying to make his way into the big music world.

Zdenny is definitely not as popular and successful as Eminem. There are so many more talented musicians. Zdenny does not write about violence and he does not use vulgar or rude words. As he says he sings about things he know so his songs can help other people.

This blonde man with blue eyes puts everything into his songs. One would not say he is a rapper as he does not wear those big T-Shirts and trousers which are so low that everybody can see your boxers. Rap is not about wearing big shirt, low trousers and hat with straight peak. Rap is in your heart, in your soul,” says Zdenny.

The professional writing song is quite long story. Somebody has to write a lyrics, somebody has to do a music, somebody has to mix it and there are some people which do graphics, promotion and of course there is a person who owns the record studio where an interpreter records this song. There are a lot of interpreters who do this and on the tape there is just their voice recorded on the CD. And nothing more.

Zdenny can record a simple CD in his own flat. He has a closet with molitan on the sides. There is a microphone and the musicians can record when he is closed inside a closet. “Yes, somebody with claustrophobia would not be happy inside,” laughs Zdenny. Beside his own songs he helps other young interpreters with their starts. He helps them to sing from the suitably distance from the microphone and with breathing.

If you know this fact one could think that every interpreter is kind and helpful. But that is not true. There is a big competion between rappers and other musicians. They go after each other just like hungry wolfs who protect their territory. Gossip and backbiting is not just girly thing. Between interpreters in one region there is a crazy competion because everybody wants to be the best.

Although Zdenny has his own small record studio he appreciates quality of bigger studios and he records some of his tapes inside. The home studio is good for concepts of songs and the big and professional one is for final products.

Besides Zdenny does not sing about violence he is also a bit shy and nervous at his concerts. These are characteristics that one would not guessed. One would think that rapper is rough. “Before concert I drink one shot. No more because I need to focus on performance, but I need this shot as placebo so I am not so much nervous.

The secret of performing in two people

Not everyone knows why singers perform usualy with someone else accompanying them at concerts. It is not a usual thing on big shows where you are miles away from the performer and they often use playback to improve their voices. Moreover people are selfish and they do not want to share their success. Is this the reason why we know just one famous musicians? Not a group of two? Maybe. But the reason why younger and less known performers sing in two is just breathing question. “When you perform in front of audience you have to be perfect. You want to be perfect. But rap is really quick thing. The second guy on the stage helps me to recite the ends of verses so I can breathe in and continue in quality performance,” says Zdenny.

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