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New Lemonade Joe: Play stands comparison with film

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Brno City Theater introduces a new adaptation of famous Czech western parody and artists have proved that the new Lemonade Joe will not get lost in the memories of people like a pale copy of the movie adaptation from the sixties. Performance brings an contemporary music and new forums to the old known story.

Brno City Theater introduces new adaptation of famous Czech western parody. Foto: Městské divadlo Brno

Directed by Petr Gazdík brings several plot changes from the cinematographic adaptation of Lemonade Joe, which is probably the best known version, where plays Karel Fiala. Yet this new adaptation is so good that after a few moments audience stop thinking about the famous film interpretation and the performance draws them into its story, although a bit different, but very well done and funny plot. In the performance the father of Winnifred does not fight against alcohol, but he orders „whiskey for everyone“. In salon, where Tornado Lou dances, is not as strife as in the movie, but on the contrary, it seems that everyone is together as well and belongs to one party. In the theater play are also several plot lines that are missing in the film. For example, Limonade Joe explains why he shuns alcohol and drinks only lemonade Colaloca. Director also skillfully integrated link to other western classic it to the performance. He created a scene as from Once Upon a Time in the West. In the scene Dakota Kid, Mexico Kid and Doug are concocting a plan how to beat Lemonade Joe.

Creators breathed the performance something of our time by using current music. Villain Hogo fogo for example sang famous song There is no greater pleasure, which includes well-known verse In a moment you're dead, like no other, and continues the refrain of a song I Like To Move It.

Besides music, the scene of this theatre adaptation is noteworthy. Some of the characters tell to spectators under blue light their thoughts, while the surrounding scene freezes. It gives the performance next difference from the film version and it becomes an original and new interpretation. Spectators also get excited at the beginning of the performance, which shows talent of stage designer Petr Hloušek and costume designer Eliška Ondráčková.Winnifred is coming back to Arizona in a stagecoach. The structure of the scene of a moving stagecoach spectators notice just after more careful view. Actresses are bend at the waist and represent horses or the countryside in the distance, which is consisting from balcony and light effects. But first the scene looks almost real.

A little strange and not entirely suitable is another element of the story, which produces little confused impression. It is character named Buffalo Bill, which is in the first half performance a mysterious and unknown figure and then he appears as ridiculous and insignificant character. His task is mainly to entertain spectators, which the actor have managed, but his scenes, too do not fit into the plot. The work of art is a parody but still retains its dignity and intellectual depth, Buffalo Bill's scenes disrupt it.

It is hard to imagine that anyone can endanger Miloš Kopecký as Hogo fogo. But Alan Novotný from the Brno City Theater proved it. His character is not so rough and scary as Kopecký's role, but because of this he is funnier and more playful. Theater Hogo fogo does not want to humiliate miss Winnifred on the cemetery, but he (in fitting suit) is waiting for her in a private salon, where dinner is ready. This villain demonstrates erotic moves, but with a strong touch of humor, flees from Limonade Joe on all fours or pretens to be furniture. Another villain of the story also comes on in the show very well. It is Tornado Lou. In this role Ivana Vaňková showed brilliant singing skills and her deep voice sounded a long time the whole hall. She sang iconic songs as When the smoke thickens in the bar, Whiskey that is my taste or My moist lips. Moreover, she played changing attitudes to the main hero perhaps more convincingly than the actress Květa Fialová in the film adaption.

And the performance of the hero and heroine stood the test of comparison with the film. Yet Lemonade Joe did not pronounce all the famous sound as „I should take warm underwear“ so convincingly nad rihgt seriously as Karel Fiala in film.

But overall, the new theater performance of Brno City Theater is a great adaptation of the Czech classic Lemonade Joe. It is sipmly different interpretation of Lemonade Joe that really deserves attention and which is so imaginative and genuine that more is not necessary to compare it with the film.

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