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''No kind of education can give you as much as this experience'' says Tal.

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Yes, certainly there are many Erasmus students on FSS, but how to find them? I felt a little bit like a secret agent when I was walking round the university trying to find my respondent. It was Thursday and I had the last chance to find somebody for the interview. Now I can say that I was lucky one. I overheard someone's voice during a telephone call in a foreign language. I met a really nice student from Israel.

„My name is Tal Arama, I'm from Jerusalem and I'm studying international relations. I came here like an Erasmus student, “says Tal when I ask her for some basic fact about herself. Even though she has had a long day at school, she made a time for me and she looks very relaxed and positive. ''The block of courses today was great'' she says. Studying is not the only activity in which is this outgoing twenty four years old girl interested. At home, she works as a tour guide and she likes reading and playing the saxophone.


New friends, new experiences, travelling– maybe usual reasons why young people join an Erasmus programme, but there is always a question where the best place for spending these adventurous twelve, or like in Tal's case six months, is. She already tried something similar like a participant of a summer camp in a foreign country, but this is her first staying in a formal way. '' It's actually a funny story. I was sitting at a restaurant with my friends the day before the deadline to apply for exchange. We could choose three countries where we wanna do the exchange. I was telling my friend what I was applying to. One person was sitting behind me and when he finished his meal he came to me...“. He told her that he spent some time in the Czech Republic and that it was the best experience he has ever had. Tal changed her application a few minutes before the deadline. She decided to move the Czech republic to the first place on her list.


''Atmosphere in Brno is amazing, it's really young.'' She has been here only one month, so it is hard to choose one favourite place. Starbucks Coffee never disappoints, thinks Tal. It is comfortable and the coffee is great. She could compare our second biggest city with Prague, where she has already been in the past. ''Jewish part of Prague is nice and truly interesting. You can see people who continues their lives here.'' Another European countries which she has visited are Germany, Great Britain, Greece and Poland. ''Czech language is complicated'' smiles Tal. It sounds to her a little bit like Russian. She likes European historical architecture. As a student of international relations, she knows a lot about countries which were part of the Soviet Union during the 20th century. Franc Kafka, Prague spring – nothing unknown to this girl.


Despite the distance Tal stays in touch with her friends. They are well informed about her daily life here. She uses Facebook and Instagram to communicate. Social life in the Czech Republic is interesting for her. One word could describe her first feelings at the beginning of the exchange in September – different. Different culture, different mentality and also the weather is not the same. People in Israel are less reserved, they are warm and welcoming. She told me about her bad experience in the restaurant where she celebrated Jewish New Year with her friends. ''We didn't do reservation and waiter treated us very badly.''


Tal would love to visit Karlovy Vary. Unfortunately, she’s leaving before the film festival starts. She seems very enthusiastic when she is talking about her trip to the southern Bohemia. Once she travelled with her friends to Český Krumlov for example. They fell in love with the atmosphere of authentic small villages in this region. And her recommendation for the tourists travelling to Israel? Definitely the whole Jerusalem.


Tal thinks that Erasmus can help people to open their mind to different cultures. According to her, it is a priceless experience and a great opportunity to explore the world. It is actually alternative way of education, it can teach us a lot. ''Maybe I will study abroad my master programme too'' Tal said to an end of our pleasant conversation.




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