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Not Everyone Leaves College with Degree

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Nearly half of Masaryk University students do not finish their studies. One of them is Bohdana Gillíková, a 20-year-old woman who dropped out of college after her first semester. 

She graduated from high school focused on Spanish language as one of the best students in her class last year. She decided to stay in this field and applied for Spanish language and literature program at Masaryk University. “It was a logical choice for me,” she says.

However, the program did not meet her expectations. “We had to learn a huge amount of facts, but nobody taught us how to think efficiently or how to use this information,” she explains. For her, it was one of the most important reasons why she has decided to leave after a few months.  And she was not the only one. “Many of my high school classmates had chosen the same program. The most of them dropped out of school after one semester like me,” she says.

When expectations and reality don´t meet

For many young people, the college reality may be very disappointing. According to the statistics published on the website Facult.cz 80 percent of students are unpleasantly surprised by how their study program looks like and only 39 percent of them would choose the same university again.

However, Bohdana Gillíková admits that on the other hand her experience was not only negative. “University canteens are much better than the ones we had at high school,” she laughs. “But on more serious note, I appreciate there is a large variety of courses to choose from,” she says. “The teachers have a friendly attitude, I really enjoyed some of the lectures. Moreover I had the opportunity to enroll in interesting courses from other study programs,” Bohdana Gillíková adds.

Still, the negatives prevailed.  “Students always have to choose courses they are not interested in because they need to get enough credits every semester,” she says. She was also surprised by how lonely she felt during the semester. ”You are alone all the time, because in every course you meet different people and you do not have the opportunity to build real relationships easily,” she explains.

Besides the disappointed students like Bohdana Gillíková, there are also people who drop out of school because of the demandingness of the chosen program. Others leave due to financial and health problems or family issues. Moreover, there is a high number of people who are not accepted and they spend their time by studying a different program before applying again and trying their luck next year.

Many options, many unfulfilled hopes

In general, the interest of young people in higher education is quickly growing. According to the data presented by the statistical project Česko v datech, the number of university students has increased by more than 70 percent since 2001. However, the influx affected mainly colleges focused on humanities. Their number of students grew nearly by 120 percent, which is four times more than in case of technical universities.

Potential students have a wide range of options, there are more than 70 colleges in the Czech Republic. The number seems high, nevertheless it is just average compared to other European states. However, every year a huge number of students leave their studies without graduating and getting their degree. According to the statistics gathered by Česko v datech, the least successful are the students of The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice – only 38,9 percent leave with a degree. High “mortality“ is also proved at University of Pardubice, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem or University of Chemistry and Technology Prague.

On the other hand, the most successful are students of Academy of Fine Arts or Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where is the highest chance to gain the degree. It is probably caused by the high difficulty of entrance exams and the low number of accepted students. When it comes to Masaryk University itself, in average 56,2 percent of people successfully finish their studies – 50,1 percent of students of bachelor degree programs and 70,9 percent of follow-up master´s programs.

Even though many people do not stop looking for the ideal study program or college after one disappointing experience, Bohdana Gillíková does not plan on applying to a different university any time soon. “I want to do something more practical, but I still do not have a specific vision,” she says. “Right now I work as a music teacher, I teach children to play the guitar, the flute and the piano,” she describes. “It is a well-paying part time job, but nothing I can imagine myself doing my entire life,” Bohdana Gillíková says. “I also take care of my old grandmother. Therefore the state pays my social and health insurance for me,” the former student adds.


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