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“Not everything is better in France” says Pauline

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Not everything in the west is better. French Erasmus student Pauline has been here only a few weeks but she has fallen in love with Brno already. And many things are better here than in France, she thinks.

Pauline Marcel. That is the name of an ordinary-looking but very interesting and inspirational Erasmus student from France. She studied psychology for 2 years in Grenoble, a big student city in the Alps. She adores the city, because there is a lot of nature and friendly student atmosphere. However now she is here in the Czech Republic. She has just started her third school year. “I think Brno is very similar to Grenoble” she says.


Her first steps here weren’t easy. She came by bus which means seventeen hours on the way. Then she came to Brno at night so she just took a night tram and got lost. “Fortunately I found a French girl and she told me how to get to my dorm. But there I was alone. My roommate wasn’t here the first weeks. It wasn’t really easy for me.” admitted Pauline.  


Now she is getting used to living here. But she’s still astounded of some scenes she has seen here. “Dogs have something on their muzzle. In France we don’t have it. And our dogs can go everywhere, for example to trams. “Further she’s very surprised about opening hours. “Everything is open here all the time! In France supermarkets and so on are closed on Sundays, here not. I can buy anything at any time here,” she described with enthusiasm.


According to Pauline, big differences are in education too. In France students learn theory a lot. “We have to just sit and listen to the teacher,” she complained. She is glad that courses she has got here are more interactive and practical. “We speak together and do some team work. And I study what I want. In France I can’t choose courses so everybody who studies psychology do the same things. I have met a lot of people who study psychology and they don’t have the same courses as me.” Her schoolmates aren’t just from France but that’s not an issue for her. “I think I’m not here to talk with French people so I don’t stay with them often. I try to talk with other foreign students.”


I was amazed to hear about when students start their university studies in France. Pauline is nineteen years old and she’s doing bachelor’s this year unlike Czech students who start university at that age. She is satisfied here and she wants to do her exams here. “There weren’t a lot of choices in psychology and most of them were only for one semester. I really wanted something for two semesters, so I have chosen the Czech Republic. And I know a guy from psychology who came here two years ago. He told me that it is very nice to live here. And I heard about the beer, so…” she laughed.      


Pauline is excited about school buildings too, for example about the gym, where she does her biggest hobby – basketball. She thinks there is a lot of money in education. In France there are so bad buildings. “Last year a part of a roof just fell down on students,” she described at our meeting and I was really shocked. “And there is no money for psychology education in France. There is just money for mathematics, biology etc. and not for humanity sciences.”


However not everything is so perfect here for Pauline. Teachers don’t speak English very well; girls aren’t so skilled in basketball and Moravian wine is too sweet. “Of course it is good but I think that wine in France is much better.” she said definitely. And she’s worried about the knowledge she’ll gain here. “I’ll be a little late compared to my schoolmates who stayed in France, because I don’t have so many courses here.”  And of course she’s missing home, but everything is new here so she doesn’t have a time to think about it a lot.

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