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One day as a soldier

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The perfectly peaceful atmosphere of the forest is accompanied by the sounds of airsoft guns and occasional loud shouting. "Shoot someone for god’s sake!!" calls Dave’s fella to him. Together with my friends we decided for the first airsoft game this year in the woods near the village we live in.

Airsoft is a game where people act like real soldiers. Mostly its played in the wood. People wear military outfits and have imitations of real weapons which, unlike live cartridges, shoot only light plastic balls. The most common way how to play this sport is to divide players into two teams. The first one is defensive. Players from this team have a duty to defend their flag. At the beginning of the game, they go deeper to the wood and they have to find a good place to defence. The second team stars with an attack and its duty is to get the flag.

We meet on Saturday 7thApril, a bit after nine a.m. From my wardrobe I'm pulling out a many years old military outfit with a several irretrievably stained spots and holes from countless falls. In the cellar, my electric M4 (rifle) is waiting for me and under my belt – just for sure – I’m putting the gas Beretta (pistol).

We all meet about a kilometre from the forest. Today in a large number of eighteen people. While I’m coming from a long distance, Lukas yells at me: “Hurry up! Watch who bought a new gun." I'm coming closer and I see that George bought a new M16 rifle. It's a really great weapon. Unlike our weapons, the new one literally shines. No smudges, no scratches. Simply nice!

On our way to the forest, we divide into two teams by sticking red and blue tape on our sleeves. The red team is the first to defend the flag and the blue team is trying to get it. I'm in the blue team so we stay on the edge of the forest while the red goes deeper into it and has half an hour to prepare for defending the flag.

We discuss the strategy. "We will divide into three groups and each one takes it from one side. We will surround them slowly, no wildlife," says George while filling up the third magazine with the bullets and tucking it into his torn vest. We point on the map where approximately each group will go and from which place we will start advance to the flag.

PÍP, PÍP, PÍP. Time’s up, the game begins. The thirty minutes that the red team had to create an advantageous defensive position are gone and we're moving. We’re spreading across the terrain in three teams as we decided at the beginning. I'm going with Dave and George. Our hearts are beating three times faster than usual. In the walkie-talkie, our blue fellas report that they’re already in the position. We and the last group are gradually going to the place.

TRR, TRR. Two rounds. Nobody shoots at us but from a distance there is a sound of electric rifles spraying plastic balls. A short distance from us, the shooting started. Everybody looks around because the enemy can be anywhere. "I’M HIT!" the first player is shouting. He must go to the "respawn" where he must wait until the end of the game. Unfortunately, it's one of ours. "IDIOT, I said slowly," nods George crouching behind the tree. Dave is already nervous and pulls out a cigarette that cannot be missed in his game.

It's here, finally. Dave sees a group of red at ten o'clock and sends several rounds of projectiles there. The expected firefight begins on our side too. Bullets fly through the air from both directions and disappear from the magazines at the speed of light. "I have to reload the gun," calls Dave while pulling another magazine when suddenly a bullet hits him. "God dammit!" yells Dave. He grinds a cigarette by a stump of a tree and leaves. Slowly but surely, we are losing. Only four of the nine from the blue team are left, including me but the red team still has seven players.

I'm reloading my gun behind the tree and thinking about all the hours spent on the computer at Counter Strike and Call of Duty. I’m scattering about 100 balls across the ground. Damn it. Only thing that makes me calm is my position behind a mighty tree from which I have a pretty good view of the enemy. I target the first red and fire. SHOT! I quickly hide behind the tree and smile delighted. My first hit. And I am ready to repeat it. I poke out, this time from the other side. I barely put my whole head out of the tree when...HEADSHOT. Well, this didn’t work out. The game ends for me and I’m going to the “respawn” to join the other fellows.

Dave sits classically with his cigar in his mouth and swallows the snack. Only 5 players are still in the game. The rest of us, who haven’t been so successful, is already chatting and having a snack. We are impatiently waiting which team will win. One by one other “dead” ones come. In the next ten minutes the game ends. We have lost. The red flag hasn’t been defeated and this year's first win belongs to the red. Never mind. We're filling up our magazines and going deeper to the woods. New game, new opportunity. Now we are guarding the flag, now we’re going to beat them.

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