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Our mission is to help children and their families, says Agáta

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Gerrys Wonderlamp is a foundation that tries to help children with oncological diseases. One of the founders is Agáta Nagyová. She's a woman with a great heart in her late forties. When you're in her presence you feel a lot of positive energy coming from her. „I take is as my mission to help families and children with such diseases,“ she's saying with a gentle smile.

She and a few enthusiastic people are organizing benefit dinners for children with oncological diseases and their families since 2004. The foundation itself was founded in 2008. The benefit dinner in this year was already the  eighth in a row. „The biggest success for us is that from year to year we can help more people,“ says Agáta.

„We have had a similar experience in the family, so we know how hard is to fight such a disease,“ says Agáta and you can feel how much she cares about the people who are in such troubles. Every year there is more and more children who have to fight a disease like this. This is a great pressure for the child and also for the parents and the whole family.

The foundation is gaining popularity. This year on the benefit dinner they had guests from one of the biggest organization supporting children with oncological diseases. This organization was represented by Mária Jasenková, the chairman of the organization. Also doctors from the Children's University Hospital in Bratislava were present to show their support. „We also wanted to invite Eva Kováčová, the chairman of the League against Cancer organization, but she could not attend our dinner because of illness.

It took three months to organize this evening. It always takes a little bit more time because they all have jobs.They have to do everything in their free time and by themselves with minimal help. „These dinners are always very emotional and touching, but also full of hope,“ says Agáta. You can really feel the enthusiasm of these people who want to help and the willpower of the children and the families. The people at the dinner had been through a lot of problems but they are not losing their hope and that gives the dinner a special atmosphere.

You can feel that these people are not doing this to gain money, power or some other advantage. They are doing it because they feel that it's the right thing to do and they show us what people can do if they are working together and they believe in the same thing. „We don't have any big partner or supporter, but we have many individuals, who are supporting us and are ready to invest their time in this. I think this is the biggest advantage of our foundation. We are just a bunch of ordinary people that want to provide help for those in need,“ says Agáta.

With such an attitude of the people in this organization we can look forward to many years of similar dinners and other events. „We hope that this was not the last event of this kind. We would like to grow and be more effective in our activities. I also hope that more and more people will join us and will help these children and their families,“ says Agáta. These are the people that bring happiness and light in the dark and shady days of those who are fighting for their lives and they expect nothing in exchange. They just do it because they want to help.

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