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Pale beer still the most popular? Beer survey holds results

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A recent survey concerning beer preferences of young people didn’t show anything surprising at all as one could have guessed the results beforehand. The survey, conducted online, asked people about the characteristic of their favourite kinds of beer.

Of the 94 people who completed the survey, only 23 % said they prefer ales to lagers as the rest probably was not sure what ales actually are (Ale is a type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste). Tastewise the survey showed no surprising results either, as 54 % of respondents opted for bitter tasting beer, 30 % sweet, and 16 % said they don’t care.

Concerning the style of beer, 63 % said they prefer pale beer, 11 % half-dark, a meagre 3 % dark beer, and an 23 % said they like all of the above. The responding Czechs did not confirm their status as raging alcoholics, as most of the respondents, namely 66% of them, opted to choose 10°-12° beers, 30 % 12°-15° beers, and only 4 % 15°-+. The vast majority of respondents prefer to drink beer in pubs, only 3 people said they would rather drink beer at home, one respondent prefers to drink beer at outdoor events, and one brave soul likes to get intoxicated by beer at home as much as he likes it in a pub.

The respondents were also asked about their favourite beer brand or/and a brewery. The answers varied to an outrageous degree, but some appeared more than once. Radegast took the cake with 15 favourites, trailing with 12 is Svijanský máz, Pilsner Urquell didn’t meet expectations with only 7 favourites, the same as Velkopopovický Kozel and, surprisingly, Bernard.

The survey was conducted among 50 men and 44 women. More often than not women chose darker and stronger beers.

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