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People in Brno were so welcoming, I was overwhelmed, says young designer

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Vera Rambi is an amazing young designer with a lot of fresh ideas to bring on the Czech fashion industry. She is twenty-seven and for the last two years she lived in Czech Republic. Judging by her appearance, you know immediately, there’s something special about this lady with blonde curly fringe. Maybe, it’s the sparkle in her eyes, that indicates her passion for what she does…

(author: Vera Rambi)Vera came from a small family in Hungary, from a city called Pécs. She describes this city as similar to Brno, only smaller. In Pécs, there are lot of different universities as well as foreign students, which comes hand in hand. Vera lived in Pécs with her parents and older sister for her whole life. Because of her studies, she could work as a kindergarten teacher, but she chose a different path. “I work part time in a barber shop here in Brno, and part time sewing bags and back packs.“


Ever since ending studies, she knew, that she wanted to move out of Hungary and run her own business. „I moved here because of my boyfriend, he’s Czech. But I always wanted to live in a place where is nice climate all the time and never gets too cold. So Czech Republic is not the best pick. Maybe one day,“ she laughs.


Although she describes her transfer to Czech Republic as difficult, because of losing all her friends, family and having nobody to talk to, her feeling of that now is very different. „I feel like if I hadn’t moved, I’d never think I am capable of things that I am doing right now. And also, I was more uptight and reserved back at Hungray. People that I met here are mostly relaxed. I learnt this „pohoda“ way of living and thinking too,“ laughs again. „And I barely meet people who don ‘t speak english, so I get on well with others.”


In the very beginning when Vera came to Brno she was often home by herself. And that taught her to spend time alone and be okay with that. Whole change forced her to learn things and solve problems by her own.


After some time, she started going out again and met new people, so she could experience new friendships. She describes people from Brno that she met as welcoming and obliging. Everybody has always been nice to her: „I experienced so much kindness here, that I’ve never seen in my life before. But also to develop a deeper bond to someone takes time.“


The time that she spent alone at home had positive influence on her, but not only in a way of learning solitude. „At the beginning I just felt the urge of doing something, otherwise I would go crazy.“ She got a brilliant idea. Learning how to sew fulfilled her time alone and also her need to be creative. She started with an easy designs of bag and dresses for herself. „It felt so good to create something that looks cool. So I just really got into it, and then made some back packs for my colleagues It was such an amazing feeling to see them happy because of something I made.


Now she has her own brand called MeA. In her work, she aims for minimalistic aesthetics as well as good quality materials. Some designs have been released on her Facebook page, but you can discuss your own design with her. This way of making happy both customer and her is unique and different from other commercial brands and outfitters, that we see all the time. „It makes my so happy to hear, that somebody enjoys my bag. I am really passionate about my designing, so is nice to hear, that my enthusiasm is recognizable in my work.“


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