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People learn about T.G.Masaryk through the new cryptographic game

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Masaryk University in Brno starts a cryptographic game about the first president of Czechoslovakia 

A new cryptographic game by Masaryk University uses non-traditional way how to show the life story of the first president of Czechoslovakia Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. By this, the university is joining this year's hundredth- anniversary celebration of Czechoslovakia.

The Cryptographic game reminds the youth and the studies of the president in Brno. “Players will solve tasks and discover six places associated with Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, ” says Ema Wiesnerová from the Press Officer of Masaryk University.

To play the game, You need have to have a special book from the Rector's Office of Masaryk University or from the internet to play the game. Players should be in teams and have at least one fully charged mobile phone. Passing the route takes no more than two hours. Players can also compete for the price of the best solver. The competition ends in the middle of November.

Journalism student Michal Stastny has already tried the game with his friends. “I really like cryptographic games and I tried almost every game made by which Brno made. This one is very interesting because of the Masaryk. It is good to learn something new about someone who did that much for our society,” says student.

The Cryptographic game is a part of the project named Tri osudové roky. Trough this project, the University reminds of important figures and events of Czech history. The project also focuses on the 90s of the 20th century. Experts will show the atmosphere of these years to the audience on commented walks.

People will learn about city culture after the Velvet Revolution. Experts will show to the audience the changes of theatres, museums, cinematography or music from November to 8th to December. One of the commented walks will be about the life of gay and lesbian community in Brno in the 90s. The capacity of this walk is fifty people and it will take place on 6th November.


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