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Rainy weather? Yes, please, laughs nurse living in Southern England

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Lucy Šmejdířová is one of the most honest and kindest people I have ever met. That might be the reason why she decided to be an au pair and later nurse. Because of her trusting, talkative, happy and caring personality, she likes to spend her time with those who need her. She is 20 years old but she has already gone through a lot in her life. Lucy was only 18 when she left Slovakia and moved to England. "It totally changed my life," she said after two years. 

Lucy wasn't happy about the direction her life was going. "I wanted new start, some adventure. There was a desire inside of me to explore foreign countries and England was on the top." During her last year of nursing college, she started to look for some options how to travel there. And finally decided to be an au pair in a small village in south England called Waltham Chase.

However after arrival she found herself in a disillusionment. Taking care about three small children and fighting with an inhospitable family wasn't the great new beginning she was dream about. Thorough after the year she found herself much stronger. "It was a challenge. For me as the 18 years old girl, who was dependent on her parents before, wasn't easy to manage whole household and built a respect, especially from host parents," describes Lucy her beginnings and ties her long dense hair in the chignon.

Lucy didn´t give up and persisted whole year, but outside of the walls of being au pair, there were other restraint she had to get over with. It was totally different culture and language. "I didn´t think my English is bad, but I came here and I was lost. Their accent is something you can´t learn at home. Sometimes I felt like total idiot because they had to repeat me everything at least three times," says Lucy with smile on her face.

But she fell for England anyway. "Here I have found everything, social life - from pubs to museums, job I love, friends and a place I can called home again. I also like the look of England – both cities and villages, but most of all I do love the weather here, which is something English people can´t believe I say," says Lucy, laughing.  That is why she decided to stay. She moved to Southampton and found a job in a nursing home.

Now it´s almost year and a half since she left her home country. And as she admits, there is still more to learn, especially from people who are surrounding her. "People here are completely different. Their humor is sarcastic and ironic, for example, and I still don´t know if I find it funny," says Lucy with the face expression like she doesn´t know if she should laugh or feel sorry for them.

She found her place in world. But the most important thing, she became an independent person, who is standing behind her decisions and following her dreams. "I would like to move to my own place with my best friend. I wanna stay in Southampton, but be closer to the city centre in the middle of everything. And in the future I would like to pass my NVQ´s (National Vocational Qualifications) to rise at work as well,"confides Lucy

From the backward sight Lucy regrets she didn´t start with building her career sooner. „If I could do it again I would choose not to be an au pair for that long time, it works as summer job or during a gap year however it is not ideal if you come to England to have a future there."


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