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Reputation of Masaryk University reaches up to the Baltic Sea

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The Czech Republic was not her dream. It was her friends who persuaded her that Masaryk University was a good choice for her for an one-semester exchange Erasmus programme. After three years of studying, 21-year-old student Austè Labonaitè is now looking forward to finishing a bachelor’s degree and starting a master's degree programme in event management.

If she didn’t have friends who completed the Erasmus programme in the Czech Republic, she wouldn't be here. Their valuable pieces of advice helped her a lot. Austè Labonaitè came to Brno from Lithuania, from the city of Kaunas. “Actually, my city is the same size with a similar amount of inhabitants and even the town architecture is quite similar so it was easy to fall in love with Brno.” After studying University of Technology at home, she is now trying to study in a different system. It is something new for her, she has to go to school every day but in Lithuania she had more practical seminars and group works.


There is one big problem for every international student in the Czech Republic, which is the language. Austè knows only few words in Czech and it can be troublesome sometimes. An inconvenience occurred, for example, when she was searching for a job. “I searched for it but there were no options available and it’s normal that nobody wants to employ a student for five months without knowing the language.“ But the dorm receptionists and cashiers, who usually don’t speak English, are a big motivation for her to learn Czech. A big support for her are friends.. Some of them come from Lithuania as well, but most of them are from all around the world. It is not difficult for Austè to make friends, she has a great opportunity to meet most of them at her place of stay. The dormitory is a special place and perhaps that is why she thinks that Brno is full just of young people.


When Austè speaks about her experiences with the Czech Republic and Masaryk University, it is evident that she got used to the so-called "student life". She likes exploring the city and Czech culture. During the holiday she was for example in Olomouc and Mikulov. At the weekends during the semester she travels around Brno or spends time with friends.


As I was talking with Austé, she didn't forget to mention the biggest Czech phenomenon. “C’mon it’s the Czech Republic, how not to mention beer? I love Krušovice pšenice. The best beer I have tried so far. And of course flavoured beer! It’s amazing.“ But on the other hand, Austè likes sports, too. She has joined a volleyball team and now she is trying kickboxing. “I play volleyball, but I play only for fun, not professionally. But I like the feel of team spirit and the emotions you can share with your teammates.“


Austè is going to finish her one-semester experience with Masaryk University. She wants to finish master's degree in Lithuania and then aim to achieve her goal – to have an own event management company and have a big happy family with her own house.era

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