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Review: The Girl on the Train (USA 2016)

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This movie, which is based on book from Paula Hawkins, shows how can be people evil, vicious and desperate. Today's statistics of marriage is not very flattering and the movie represents maybe the worst way how it can end. This type of thrillers is becoming more popular in last years and people have many choices to comparing. Despite that, movie has very good rating from spectators.

The director Tate Taylor has created frightening character of lovelorn wife who is addicted to alcohol and torments herself to look at new family of his ex-husband. Hatred to his new girlfriend is logical and understandable. No divorced woman likes new wife of his ex-husband who stole her man and place to live. When she travels on the train around her former house, she observes a couple of neighborhoods too. They look happy and carefree. But it is just external sensation.


Such a specific atmosphere gives into the movie music from Danny Elfman which sticks spectators in suspense and gives the right energy. The beginning of movie is very tangled and full of information. Not only one can be lost. Next parts are just retrospective disentangling. For attentive watchers it might be little bit boring but for others it is such a breathtaking movie. The problem I see in the compilation and the length of scenes. In my opinion, the film has too many dead spots.


The number of characters is not large. In different movie it could be regarded as an advantage but there runs a search for the killer and the low number of suspects is not ideal. The main plot is about female charcters and men don't have a lot of scope, but all male characters have distinctive charisma and all are very important for feeling from movie. I guess that every woman can find here a prototype of her unpopular neighbor.


The performance of the main character is admirable. Emily Blunt played perfectly desperate and drunk divorced wreck. Every spectator has to believe her every move. Her journeys on the train along with a bottle of alcohol are very realistic, as well as her absurd perception of the world. Supporting characters also doing a great job. Rebeca Ferguson as trusting wife, Luke Evans as dominant husband or Édgar Ramírez as kindhearted therapist.


I would recommend The girl on the Train to all people who want to think about plot and be taut. This movie absolutely is worth seeing. It isn't Gone Girl or Prisoners, but it is movie which force us to think about reality and maybe...look out the window on the train.

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