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Second parts are sometimes good

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“I can not stay at home, sitting in front of the television and be assured with myself”. This is Eduardo’s way of thinking. He is a 25-year-old guy who, apart from finishing his studies, dedicates his time to young boys and girls in order to educate better men and women for tomorrow. He is one of the volunteers of the Group Scout Aguere 70, in Tenerife. They come from La Laguna - the second largest city in the island - and they are open for all those who want to try and know this movement. This is only one of the five groups that we can find in the island and one of the 12 in Canary Islands.

His adventure started when he was only 8 years old. Since then, he lived all sorts of things. Eduardos’ best memories come from his first years in the group: “I met many children, I learned many games and songs… I really enjoyed my childhood thanks to my friends and the people who took care of us”. But sometimes what goes well begins to go wrong. When he was 14, he had to live one of the worst things a child can experience: Some of his mates took away the desire to continue in the group. He finally left when he was only 16. “It is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made but I was not enjoying in this situation”.

9 years later, everything changed for him. His brother, Carlos, had to decide if he wanted to stay as a volunteer in the group or leave. Eduardo explains that when the guys finish their lives in the group, they celebrate a farewell ceremony in which they can express their feelings and thanks the people who has been with them during this long trip. “This special moment can be attended by family and friends, so I could not miss it”. What Eduardo did not know was that it was going to change his future that much. His brother had and special message for him. “He said that he was sad because he did not want to be the first of the family enjoying a farewell ceremony”. It made Eduardo feel sad but happy at the same time. “It was really important for me. I did not usually talk about how important this group was for me but he is my brother and he knew it. He can read my mind and understand me without words”.

After this emotional moment, Eduardo talked with his brother and thanked him for his words. “He told me that it was decided: He wanted to be a volunteer. Then, he gave me two options: Go home or go with him. I could not say no, so here we are!”. Everything has changed for these brothers that are more united than ever. Each of them works with groups of different ages. “I am working with young boys and girls from 14 to 16. My brother, however, prefers to take care of children from 8 to 10”. He believes that the work they do is really important and useful for the society and the lives of kids and the teenagers. “They grow up with some values that they do not learn at school. They are taught to appreciate what they have, to take care of nature, to enjoy the small things… Education is like competition nowadays. You are more capable if you pass the exam, you have better grades, you write better, etc.”

Eduardo has no doubts about how important is the work that they and the rest of volunteers in the world are doing. “It is amazing how the guys can surprise you week by week and everything you can learn from them. It is very gratifying to see them maturing and enjoying”.  He is sure he has many things to learn but he has something very clear: “Probably I am not the best at this. I know I need to improve some things, but I will not let any of them stop enjoying. I know what it is, so I will not allow it”. As we can see, second parts are sometimes good.

Grupo Scout Aguere 70 2016-2017 Tenerife

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