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Seven cities in twenty days - eurotrip

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It was September 2015, Vojta and his two friends Adam and Benedikt, former classmates from high school, decided that they want experience something special before the start of semester. They had to find common interest. They all like travelling and discovering new countries. It was an easy choice, eurotrip was that special experience for them.

When you want to travel across Europe on train, the best way how to do it is to buy Interrail Pass. Passengers can choose from many types of this pass. Our guys paid around seven thousand Czech crowns and they could go on train across the whole Europe. It is an advantageous kind of transport. You don't have to be afraid that any driver stops or the motor of the car breaks up.

Vojta, Adam and Benedikt visited on the whole eight big cities. Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Paris and Barcelona. The last one is not a city, it is Alsace. A culture and historical region in eastern France. They would visit more cities, but time and budget were inexorable. They were aware that they have to choose only a select few of them. They wanted to see the cities which are most interesting for tourists, where is the largest amount of monuments.

Almost every student on eurotrip need to scrimp. Vojta and his friends slept only under the tent in camps. “I like it. Camps are a good place for meet interesting and positive people who like getting acquainted,” says Vojtěch. They used twice a hostel, because they needed to wash their clothes. Some time they slept in the train too. The next thing is food. Guys had lots of food from home. Everyone knows that mom is the best cook. Then there are pastry and cans. Foodstuff that just not spoil. The only thing they were not saving money on was beer. Tradition is tradition.


Vojta thinks that the cities with the best atmosphere are Amsterdam and Barcelona. “Amsterdam is full of young people. Everyone smiles and wants to talk. Barcelona is little bit different, but beautiful centre of city is unique.” All three guys agree that the best monuments are in France. The Louvre or palace in Versailles are building which will never pall. They also praised the Barcelona's phenomenom, Sagrada Familia. The cathedral which is being built since 1882 and still not finished. The biggest surprise was the Alsace. “The last part of our trip was great. Sleeping on the edge of a wineyard was amazing. We couldn't wish a better ending,” admits Vojta.

This kind of trips also brings experiences. Both, positive and negative. For example, being caught by French transport controller, who doesn't like speaking English, is rather negative. But meeting a Czech couple who is travelling across Europe by the motorbike is something different. “They were really cute. The type of people with dreadlocks who feel free and are very positive,” describes Vojta.

After the trip Adam decided to try something new for him – write a book. His final work is something between diary and travelogue. In the book he introduced his friends and then described closely everyday of their eurotrip. It is called Eurotrip: Vlakem po Evropě. A company printed thirty copies of Adam's book, but all of them he gave to family and friends. All three paid for this trip much. But all agree that it was a great experience and they will never feel sorry for that. “It was our little journey to discover the world,” adds Vojtěch.

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