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Silent Happeness Painful Screams

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I went to a shopping mall for no specific reason. I only wanted to  spend a little time outside before going home. My friend Deniz and I (we have known each other since childhood) attended an event for deaf people that day. The event was very good  and I had met new people, had  spent joyful time with new people and I had learned something new about deaf people‘s life. I even saw a guy that I was interested in years before in the event.


Even though it was March, the weather was not cold. On the contrary, it was hot and the sky was clear. People were walking in a relaxed, peaceful and calm manner by on the street. The shopping center was not so crowded, maybe because of the time of the day. People were doing the same things that people are doing in every shopping center in the world: eating food, buying new chothes, buying new equipments or just spending time like me. .I was in one shop which was situated exactly opposite the main door of the shopping center  and this main door led to the main street. I was not going there for any specific reason, therefore I were just  looking for skirt, t-shirt, shoes and so on and I was thinking “I can try this white and red  sweaters, which colour is  better to me – this one or the  other? Should I ask a salesman is there any other colour or not.’ In short, those were unimportant things.

  I heard a sharp sound suddenly. Boom. When I heard the noise, I thought that it must be a car accident, but the sound was too loud for small car crash. Everything was upside down, children were crying, children were screaming, children were looking around in fear. Two women were having a panic attack. This situation can only be explained or told in one word: chaos. There was broken glass everywhere, the roof of the shopping center was broken n three places. It was also impossible to get to the second floor because the steps were broken as well and the escalator did not work: the explosion damaged the electricity in the shopping center. Fortunately , everything happened in the afternoon, so people could see what was going on inside and outside because of the sun. It would be much worse if it had  happened in the evening, because there would be no light. People started running inside in the shopping center and it was cloudy everywhere because of smoke and dust. The dust was covering everything: the floor became grey and people’s hair and clothes were also very dirty. I had walked some steps forward to where people were standing because I was trying to understand what happened. I heard from people that this was a bomb explosion. I thought that this could probably be a terrorist attack.

        I do not know how I could stay calm in this horrible situation: I was shivering and almost crying. I was only thinking about one thing - to go out from the shopping center. The closest exit gate was the main mall’s gate and it was impossible for me to get out through that door. The other exit doors were far from me and I could not reach them, so I started to be afraid. I looked around and I realized that I could go out of the mall through a café. I did so: I went out and turned back. I saw the fireball rising out into the sky. It was horrifying. Shouting people, yelling people, fear, horn sounds heard from every car, siren sounds, sound of ambulance. Everything got messed up.

        I started to walk like other people in exactly the opposite direction to where the  explosion was. I was feeling a bit safer than earlier. Maybe the reason of this feeling was that I was in an open area. On the other hand I was anxious to walk together with thousands of people, I did not know whether it is safe or not. I was afraid that the bomb attack is going to repeat again. People were flooding the street, police was closing the ways which led to the place where the explosion was. After I walked a bit I called my sister and told her what happened. She had not heard about the  explosion until I called her.

        One month after this situation I read in the news about another explosion that took place in the same district of my city. I was too scared and I decided that I would not go there for at least a month.In the end , it turned out that I have not  gone neither to that shopping center nor to that street for at least two months since the last explosion.

      On car bomb was detonated on the main square in Ankara.Because of  this explosion thirty three people were killed and over one hunred people were injured.



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