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Skaters in costumes are skating around the bronze statue of a knight in armour -Margrave Jobst in Brno.

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Everyone looks bit nervous and bit excited at the same time. They are rubbing their frozen hands covered in winter gloves. You can see children, young couples or seniors here. Everyone is standing by the low railing that surrounds the ice rink. Why? Today it opens for the oncoming winter season.

Only a few minutes are remaining. Some people are trying to entertain themselves by a few cups of drinks. They are standing in a line in front of one of the kiosks. Customers can choose from a variation of hot drinks. Mulled wine, punch or perhaps hot cider with vodka. A hungry man with a symbol of a Brno hockey team on his hat bought some fried doughnuts with the sugar topping. He is leaving the queue with a satisfied smile on his face and sugar too. Next one in the line is a young girl with blond hair "I would like to order a mulled wine, twice please, it is so cold here,” says a young girl to the salesman.

I am slowly turning my head to the right because of the sound I hear. I am amazed by the lights and noise from Liberty Square which is one street away. Hundreds of people are chatting there and drinking the hot drinks from Christmas markets. After turning my neck to the left, I see the same thing in a park which is a part of a Moravian Square. For the first time, I am seeing the dominance of these Christmas markets too. Huge Russian wheel which is glowing by tons of small lights! “The wheel is somewhere between a beauty and kitsch,” says a middle-aged woman next to me to her friend. As she is speaking she moves her hand and point on a wheel. “It must be a beautiful view, but I would not come in, I am terrified of the height," responds her friend while she is trying to find a place closer to the ice rink.

"It's starting, look, dad," a little girl is pulling a sleeve of her father's coat and pointing on an ice ring. Her neck and chin are wrapped by a woollen scarf. The only thing you can see is her red nose and her sparkling blue eyes. I am trying to get closer to the rail to see what the girl is so excited about. People are flying in bright colourful costumes on the ice ring. Their pirouettes took my breath away. When I look at the faces of the people around me, I can see they are amazed as much as I am. We were waiting for this familiar sound when the skate touches the ice whole year.  Skaters are skating on the theme of winter fairytales. The girl dressed all in white is skating near to me. She has to be a snowflake. Baby boy in a fur costume could be a fox. No, I just saw a small white tail. He is definitely a rabbit. Skaters are circling around the statue of Jobst, who majestically looks down at the whole event. Olympians Katerina Berankova and Ondrej Hotarek are also performing with kids.

It is getting dark. The Moravian Square and the surrounding streets in the city centre are covered in the darkness. Luckily, there is a lot of lamps. I have pins and needles in my fingers. Clouds of smoke are floating from my mouth. No wonder, it is freezing.  Everyone is impatiently waiting for the grand finale of this evening. It is the lighting of the ice rink!

This place was built and opened last year for the first time. Last year, children from kindergarten and primary schools, couples or families came to skate here. This year, another dominance of the ice rink- the car-disappeared. A private company, who sponsored the building of ice rink in Moravian Square, placed it in the centre of the place last year. This year people can only skate around the statue of Jobst.

“Cinc cink,” it echoes with air. I and a group of other people are quickly moving to the side. The Christmas tram is arriving. Its red colour is brightened by lights which hang on the tram. People are quickly removing their gloves and pulling telephones out of their pockets.  The sound of clicks of the cameras is replacing the ringing of the tram.

The standing in winter is too long for some children. Parents are trying to motivate them by hot chocolate and other sweets. A few meters away, I see a desperate mother who is trying to calm down the hysterical cries of her two sons. As salvation, at that moment the organizer announces the festive lighting of the ice rink. The boys stopped crying. Feelings of nervousness and expectation are mixing in the eyes of both boys. They hold their mother's hand and are raising their heads to see the best. Three, two, one. Ice stadium is turning pink, blue and purple. Flake-shaped light effects are flashing around the ice rink. Both boys are putting on their skates which were hanging on their mother´s shoulder just a second before. They are going on the ice.

It seems that here in Brno, Christmas time has begun.


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