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Student of veterinary medicine: My dream is to go to Africa and study chimpanzees

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Lucia Ortega is a 23-year-old girl who studies veterinary medicine. She would like to go to Africa, where she could study and help chimpanzees.

Lucia Ortega lives in Madrid, where she studies veterinary medicine at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. "I really enjoy studying this school and I am so happy I have chosen this field." Lucia got a part-time job at a zoo thanks to this university. There she took care of chimpanzees at the zoo.

From the enthusiasm that she expressed when we were talking about these chimpanzees, I could recognize that they are really her passion. “Chimpanzees are incredible animals. They are so similar to people. I am sure that people would be surprised how big this similarity is. They express their feelings and emotions such as love or sadness. They even kiss,” described Lucia.

Lucia´s big idol is Jane Goodell, who has devoted her whole life to studying chimpanzees in the wild. „She discovered many things about them which ordinary scientists could not because they did not live with them for so long.” Lucia described me that Jane had lived in Africa and had observed one group of chimpanzees. Lucia is inspired by this lady and she wants to do something similar.

Lucia does not work at the zoo anymore, because she wanted to travel. Now she studies in Brno as an Erasmus student. “My choice was clear, I wanted to try to study the veterinary medicine abroad. I had been deciding between Brno and Krakow. One of my friends came to Brno last year so it was easier for me to choose Brno.” Lucia is studying at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno at the moment. What she likes the most about the university are the teachers. “Teachers are very nice and they always try to help me with everything. I think a big disadvantage is an inadequate offer of courses in English language at the University. I could not choose subjects which I am interested in. Now I have only four subjects and I spend more time studying in Madrid than in Brno. It is great because I have more free time now. This time I usually spend boxing and reading books.

She likes Brno but according to her it is not easy to communicate in English with people here. But this is the only thing she does not like about Brno. Other things that Lucia mentioned, were positive. For example, in Spain, she needs a car to go to most of the places because it takes too long by public transport. However, she can go almost everywhere by a bus in Brno. In Madrid it is more difficult to find cultural events than in Brno. “I love going out with my friends. We like pubs in Brno. Your bear is great and cheap,” said Lucia with smile.

And what will she do after her studies? “My dream is to go to Africa, where I could study and help chimpanzees,” said Lucia.



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