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Students and gardening

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Have you ever planted a tree? We put this one and four other easy questions about experiences with gardening to eighteen students of Masaryk university.

Many people think that gardening is a hobby just for elderly people. Our aim was to find out, how much are young people interested in this activity. Most of our respondents were from Faculty of arts and the rest from Faculty of social studies. Just three of asked students were young men.

First of all we asked students if they take care of some plant in pot. Eight persons don´t take care of any plant in pot at all. For other respondents, the most favourite are herbs and succulents (with the same level of popularity). As Jakub says: “Yes, I do. I have plenty of them, so I have to do that. I have mainly culinary herbs because I love to cook whenever I can.” Three asked females also plant herbs like parsley, basil or thyme. Succulents are planted by 4 asked respondents, mainly cactuses (christmas cactus as well) and kalanchoes. What kind of other plants you can find in students flats? For example bamboo, lilies, primula or even queen of flowers – rose. 

We are happy to say, that eleven of respondents have some experience with planting vegetable. Some of students sometimes help their parents or grandparents with gardening. “For sure! At the garden we have garlic, pepper, chilli pepper, chive, tomatoes, cucumber etc.,”  replied Tereza. Potatoes, tomatoes, radishes and onion are very famous among the young gardeners. Some of respondents are not afraid of gardening at all, so they plant even lettuce or arugula, pea, celery, leek, turnip cabbage, cauliflower or carrots. 

Planting flowers is not as popular as planting vegetable but still more than half of respondents have planted some flower at least once. In response to the question about planting flowers, Jakub said: “Yes, I have plenty of them. Mostly the lilies because I love them, so I plant them on the compost.” Other students planted spring bulbs flowers like narcissus and tulip as well as iris, petunia or rose. One woman plants a sunflower every year.

Have you ever collected any fruit or vegetable as a summer job? This was our last question, because we think that this is a part of gardening as well. There is reply of Lenka, a student of Environmentalism at Faculty of social sciences: “Yes, I’ve been to Scotland for 8 weeks, collecting raspberries.” Her colleague Jan said he collected apples and plums in Moravia in order to make alcohol from them. Three respondents said they picked fruit for free at their own garden or helped their neighbours.

And how is it with planting trees? People say that a man should write a book, have a child and plant a tree. All of the men we asked have the third “obligation” done. Lukáš says: “I planted some trees in our forest near to our weekend house in the Beskydy mountains.” Jakub plants the oaks and the beeches in the wild nature every spring. Jan planted oak tree as well. Three women also planted at least one tree (beech tree, sherry tree and apple tree). Miriam told us: “I planted 2 birches in front of my house, so they can grow up and remember me my live.”

Authors: Adriana Bažantová and Petr Jan Švábík

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