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Although I was sitting in the uncomfortable and the smallest chair ever, I was in a good mood. There were many memories around me, in those painted walls, illustrations and in the kitchen where I used to prepare as a child the best plastic chicken.

I heard well-known noise, something between the clan of the screaming Indians or the herd of elephants. Maybe both. The group of children came into the class and so their teacher. Eva Pišínová.

I listen to her reading a fairy tale, she intoned every character in depth. Some children fell asleep but most of them were annoying. She changed calm voice and shouted at them to be quiet loudly. After she gave them the happy ending, she sat next to me at the round small table. “Sorry, we can begin,” she said with the smile. 

The society is based on the education for hundred years, especially on the first one in people´s life – preschool education. On the other hand, it is not easy job to raise a child who will be useful for this world. Teachers should keep contact with the innovations and be modern but cannot forget to their originally destiny too. “Maybe, I am old school, but I prefer to shape them to be polite and happy persons, not IT maniacs,” reacted Eva with strong gesticulation.


So, there is the problem with the new technologies. “Their Christmas wishes are full of computers and mobile phones. And I standing here and ask myself where we lost the happiness of the books or personal contact,” said Eva with piteous look. Not all the children are like that, there are some who love reading a fairy tales and playing outside until darkness come. But sometimes, when you go for a walk at the afternoon, you can clearly see that it is not many. “In fact, aren´t we, the adults, the same?” I asked Eva.

She took a time to think about that. “Yes, we are the same,” she said and took a long breath, “but we already feel that it is not all right, they do not and never will.”

It may look as a mistake of teachers, but the main factor of their raising is a family. A teacher and parents may communicate and cooperate, give children a right example. “Some parents are really rude, they behave like we are their flunkies, they don´t even greet us. Sometimes they don´t respect our rules, that is quite confusing for children,” said Eva. Parents simply don´t imagine how hard is to work as a teacher. Of course, there are many of them, who are kind and helpful. “Those people understand us and make our days better,” admitted Eva. Upbringing begins at home, but sometimes teachers have to stand parents in their role. “It´s considerate of us and other children too,” added Eva and pointed at the sleeping room where some children still didn´t sleep and they watched us conspicuously.


There are also many rules and demands which complicate everyday activities in the kindergartens. Last one and the also biggest one, was the compulsory admission of two years old kids which will be a duty since 2020. For teachers it means that beside the group of screaming Indians, they will have to care about babies. Can you imagine it? They teach children speaking, writing or painting and their new duty will be changing baby´s diapers.

“It sounds unreal for me, we are not able to deal with it. It´s also bad for older children, it may slow their progress,” reacted Eva. Ministry of Education have only two years to make it less complicated and easier for teachers. Eva stood up and showed me what they will have to change in the kindergarten. “Right here, beside a sink, should be a changing table, but there is not enough place. We will have to violate the regulations if they don´t change them,” spoke about the complicated laws Eva. Almost all pedagogical tools or toys are made for older children than 3 years. “The society is not ready for this,” summed Eva.

Nevertheless, some kindergartens have already accepted younger children than three years but it´s about a persuasion, not a law. They can write specific rules for each of kindergartens and refuse to accept a baby who still wear the nappies or have a dummy. Since 2020 the rules like this won´t be a valid.

In the Czech Republic, there were the institutions which looked after babies. Those institutions were abolished and for mothers began longer maternity leave. Several years after, mothers are going back to a work as soon as possible and they are looking for the solution, searching a babysitting or home-office job. Both means that they do not pay attention to their children as much as they can. “First two years in our life are the most important. We built a relationship with mommy and daddy and learn to observe simple requirements,” said the teacher.

Eva looked very sad about those complications, probably a bit angry too. But she still had that mysterious smile which was telling that she is satisfied deep inside. “They try us. The parents, the ministry and the children also. But all hard work worth it when a child comes home satisfied, with the smile and bright eyes,” ended Eva the interview, there was nothing to talk about after her confession, but the main reason was that children get up and started the pillow fight. 

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