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The Dutch traveller has settled in Brno, but just for a while

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 He is one of these people that are always in the centre of attention, has a lot of friends and is always doing something or going somewhere.

I'm talking about a student from the Netherlands, Jeffrey van Dooren. He's 25 years old and he's from a small urban city near Groningen. He is studying European politics and he is in the second year of this master programme. He's got a bachelor's degree in journalism from the Windesheim University in Zwolle.

After getting his degree on his university back in the Netherlands he decided to study abroad. „It kind of happened to me. It was recommended to me by a Slovak friend of mine. I met her during my Erasmus programme in Finland. I was looking for a university abroad and I was a little bit late with the deadline. Czech Republic was still open and I had a guarantee that I can study this programme in English.“ explains Jeffrey how did he get to Brno

It's not the first time that Jeffrey is studying abroad, during his bachelor programme he went on Erasmus to Finland where he was also working on a husky safari. „We were presenting about huskies and showing people how they live in their natural surroundings“ says Jeffrey. He also worked as an animator in a camp for children in Germany and he was on an internship in a provincial news channel in Holland: „I worked as a radio journalist, but I did also some televised items.“

This is his second year here in Brno so he knows more about the people and the town, than a ordinary exchange student who is here for 1 or 2 semesters. He thinks that with older people you can still see the experience of communism and they have a little bit different mindset, but people from our are the same as in Holland. He also like Brno, because in his eyes it's more provincial than Prague, but still it's pretty large and international. The only negative that he mentions is the customer service in the Czech Republic: „It's not existing. It's something that is still a new concept here, but now I've got used to it, but I see it on students who are coming here and they have also problems with this in the beginning.“ Jeffrey thinks that it's not such a big problem if someone doesn't speak English, because when he was younger he was selling bikes to Polish tourists and they didn't speak English, so he experienced that there is always a way.

Jeffrey also likes the teaching methods at the university. He thinks that it's more personal than in the Netherlands: „I wrote tons and tons of position papers, where i could present my personal view on a lot of topics. This won't happen to you in Holland because you just study and there's always just one way to analyze things and they don't give you such freedom to say your personal opinion. Just let's say that it's a different cup of tea.“ In his free time he usually chills with his friends and they are watching football. Jeffrey also did play football and he also did judo, but that's a few years ago. He says that when he was in Finland he also watched ice-hockey: „It was a really huge thing there.“

Next year he would like go on Erasmus to Budapest and maybe try to get a job on the university or on the embassy. He is also following a lot of politics and he is also a member of a political party, so maybe in the future he would like to run in some elections. But he says that everybody, who is studying European politics wants to get into politics, especially to Brussels, but it's very hard. So maybe in a few years we will see him on TV in the European parliament.

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