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The green, the sun and the football

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I feel only fresh mowed grass. The sun shines on my shoulders. I can hear cars from one side, the birds sing from another. I have simple task - to score the least amount of kicks.

During the last days, my friend Barbora and I decided to try a new game called footballgolf. The rules are very similar to golf – there are 18 holes on the course which serve as targets for the players to get the ball into. The player who does so with the least amount of kicks will win. It is a competition and we should play a footballgolf tournament today.

There are a lot of people attending the event, most of them are families. The first round of the competition is meant for children, the second one is for adults. There is a friendly environment nonetheless and the participants look like they have known each other for a long time. Oh my god! I can´t believe my eyes! There is one of my favourite hockey players among them!

It’s not much of a surprise after all. He is a good friend with the son of the course owner.  I need to talk to him. Barbora laughs at me. She has no idea who he is. “It is Vladimír Růžička, the son of former coach of the Czech hockey team. I remember how he scored the decisive goal which ultimately led to my favourite team’s relegation from the first league two years ago. “But I saw the sadness in his eyes when he shot that goal, so I am able to forgive him” I tell her. “Go and talk to him,” advises Barbora.

He is tall, muscular and well groomed. And now I can see him in the jersey of Slavia again. “I like playing footballgolf. I always meet my friends here and we make some bets on the game,” he tells me. I want to know whether he likes the differences between footballgolf and his usual sport. “You need mainly hands when playing ice-hockey, thus it is very different to this, where you need a perfect footwork.”

The entire Slavia team playing nearby is impossible to overlook. They all seem very professional and of course, they have the perfect footwork. “I practice with my fitness coach at his garden in Chomutov, but it is not the best place. Unfortunately there is not a footballgolf course in Chomutov yet. If you want to know how to kick the ball, ask Jan. He used to be a professional football player,” says Růžička.

So we decided to follow Vladimír’s advice and found Jan shortly after and asked him what his opinion is about the way we play the game. “I have seen you play already. Your style is funny, but you do it wrong. Try to kick the ball slightly from the side with the inside of your foot. That way the ball gets the right spin and direction,” explains Jan Jílek. He talks about how he ended his football career and started a footballgolf career. “You don’t need to run that much. And I have the technique from football already. This is perfect sport for me. I am glad I have won some trophies,” Jílek continues.

Despite trying to take every advice to heart, the results stayed the same - I couldn´t kick the ball properly. It just goes everywhere, but not in the desired direction. There is no other alternative for me than to laugh at myself for being utterly terrible at it. I even managed to miss the ball now. But there are still some worse players than me. One girl keeps running from one side to the other and she isn’t able to hit the hole no matter what. Some guy from the Slavia team has kicked a hole in one right now! How did he do that? It felt like it was close to being impossible. Maybe one day I will also manage to hit it.

Pointless to say that we couldn´t win the tournament, but on the flipside - we are outside, the sun is shining and we are having a good time. Barbora is a little bit afraid that our shoulders and noses are going to get sunburnt but I am way too excited about how the day has turned out to care. We are enjoying the sunny weather and mild breeze and I am looking forward to the rest of the day – our reward will be barbecue and beer.

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