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THE HUNGER GAMES: “May the odds be ever in your favour.”

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The first film of a series which attracted a new wave of fandom all around the world. A piece directed by Garry Ross was filmed according to the world bestseller by Suzanne Collins. This film will drag you into a world where every year the capital’s dictatorship holds games to remind the inhabitants of its power. In each of the twelve districts, there are two tributes allotted – a boy and a girl – who are going to fight for their lives in the arena by slaughtering other children. And only one of these children can win this twisted competition. 


The film is a moving portrayal of a girl from District Twelve, Katniss Everdeen. She volunteers as a tribute in order to replace her younger sister Prim who was chosen on the Reaping Day. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark learn the contrast of their district – poverty, hunger, and constant fear – and the Capitol – luxury, superficiality and gluttony. After a few days spent by training, eating various specialities, and sleeping in the softest beds, they are thrown into an arena full of snares and more importantly, other “tributes” (how Collins calls the contestants in Games) who desire to kill them.

Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss is splendid in her role. She undertook a difficult mission. Katniss does not get many opportunities to express herself by talking. The audience has to understand Katniss’s feelings, worries, and fears only by Jennifer’s mimics or body language. And Jennifer mastered this task. The audience not only understands her motives, but her performance is so convincing that spectators identify with her character. On the other hand, the actor portraying Peeta Josh Hutcherson doesn’t leave the same impression. His output in this film was almost meaningless. Most of the time you couldn’t say if something was hurting him or if he suffered from flatulence.

The architecture and interiors of Capitol were the most arresting. Everything was very modern, customized to the mood of the Collins’s pattern. The technology was also sophisticated – hovercrafts or the train. Fashion of the Capitol inhabitants highlights the social injustice and the cruel dictatorship. They spend loads of money on eccentric, exaggerative clothing and accessories while people in the districts are often dying of freezing. The stylists and designers did an excellent job.

Suzanne Collins’s handwriting is irreplaceable. The basic story line is abided. Mrs Collins participated on the making of the screenplay. It was created jointly with the director himself, the author and Billy Ray. Yet this film was not accepted very well by the fans who had read the book first. There were many comments from their point of view. For example, the fact that the filmmakers did not display the hunger in the proper way. Most of the inhabitants of the Districts are starving. But I think the book-fans were just too demanding. It’s not always easy to satisfy everyone’s expectations.

I would recommend this film to everyone who wishes to see a very well made connection between the worthlessness of poverty and hunger and the values of family, love, and friendship. All that packed together in a world where it is legal to force children into butchering one another and making a mandatory TV show out of it for all the world’s inhabitants. I hope you would agree that these gloomy themes attract the dark side of ourselves. Let’s get hungry!

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