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The Krampus Parade has expanded to Moravia

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It seems like hell has come on earth – the clank of metal chains and apocalyptic music brings out of red smoke the most macabre and disgusting creatures. You smell sulphur and animal stench. Do you really believe the roadblocks will protect you?

Veronika Víšková decided to visit The March of Austrian Devils in Židlochovice. She is a student of language school in Brno and she would like to make a presentation about this event based on alpine legend to her German class. Also, Veronika enjoys every event where people meet to have a great time together and her list of the cultural events she has taken part in is very rich. She attends Christmas markets in Brno every winter, but this year she decided to add to her list famous so-called march of real devils: "I would like to experience something unusual and Krampus Parade seems to be the right opportunity.".

The march has been arranged for the second time so far. The marching devils represent the ancient alpine spook – the krampuses. The masks they wear are handcrafted from pine wood and their horns are obtained from mouflons or rams. Their coats are sewn from alpine goat fur. The Day of Krampuses is in Austria on the 5 of December but the marches are organized from November to January. Krampuslaufs are thrown in Austrian villages. Every group of krampuses is different. Their march is often accompanied by infernal carts, rattle of chains, loud music or light effects.

On the 26 of November Veronika and her friends arrive to Židlochovice before lunch. The main goal is to see the march itself, but the program starts at 10 o’clock. They visit the fair of Christmas markets. The group of friends absorbs the Christmas atmosphere by shopping presents, drinking hot mead and walking around before the real show begins. There is various supporting program. Veronika enjoyed the most the play How the devils cooked the onion soup performed by Kejkle Theater: "Although the show was mainly for children, we enjoyed it as well. It was full of sarcastic humour hidden beneath children jokes.".

How the time passes by the square is becoming more and more crowded. When the dark falls, all of twenty thousand visitors gather by the roadblocks which lay down a line of the march. Veronika is irritated by the amounts of spectators: "Since 3 o’clock people started to occupy the best spots for watching. It was still 3 hour to go until the march was going to start and by the roadblocks were already three lines of people.". The march starts at 17:30. But before the real show begins visitors can experience the march of giant devils on stilts performed the Kvelb Theater and the show of a group of drummers The Wild Stick.

Veronica with her friends are lucky after all and find a place to watch the march of krampuses from a spot by the bush. "It was unpleasant, the branches were pretty prickly. But this bit of discomfort ensured us a great view without guarding our spot three hours before the march." says Veronika. The march was musically accompanied by Carmina Burana and a few songs from German group Rammstein. Veronika shares her impression of the choice of music: "Carmina Burana provided an epic entrance of the devils. And hits from Rammstein helped to escalate the tension and made it more dramatic.".

"The march attended 80 Australian devils divided into two groups. Each started on the other side of the march line. The devils starting on our side had eerier mask, the other part wore beige costumes and wigs and they were all the same. Between the first group you could see female devils or even a reaper. They were terrifying mostly because of their behaviour – they were jumping on the roadblocks or poking people. I’m 20 years old and I was scared to death. I cannot imagine what were experiencing the children." In spite the fear Veronica experienced, she rates this event by five stars: "Everybody should attend it. See you all next year!".

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