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The other face of the Szechenyi Baths

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It's Saturday night on April 21st. The subway car that leads to the Szechenyi baths, in the heart of the Hungarian capital, is full of young people wanting to have fun and enjoy the night. Normally, people associate thermal baths with a quiet place to relax and forget about their worries for a few hours. And although fun is still the main attraction, this time people do not come precisely to relax.

After leaving the mouth of the subway, we follow the wave of people who came with us to the main entrance of the Baths. Here, everything is prepared to the millimetre, with individual doors where you do the check-in with your entrance.

We pass the door and one of the workers welcomes us: "Good evening guys, the lockers are on the right and we advise you to take your flip flops and your towels to spend one of the best nights of your lives. "After these indications people’s expectation grows in the environment, through the windows of the lobby we can see the neon lights and listen to the music.

Apart from the bracelet that you get for the locker, you can also buy a waterproof credit card so you can pay for both drinks and food, without having to worry about losing yours or money in cash. After changing and leaving everything in the locker, we are going upstairs to the pools.

Although the place itself is quite large, the amount of people here makes it a bit overwhelming. There are fronts everywhere and due to the temperature of the water that is around 30-40 degrees, depending on the pool, the heat is a bit unbearable. But thanks to some Italian girls, who recommend us the bottom bar where is almost never a line, in the other pool "Guys, we are listening to you.Your are Spanish, right? So well, in the back bar you will be attended at the moment and there is usually nobody there."

On the other hand, what is also quite impressive is the easy access to drugs. Although the enclosure is controlled by a lot of workers, as the night was going on it was more and more frequent that they offered us various drugs. Some guys from Holland asked right and left, regardless of origin or age: "Hello, how are you? Would you like some Marijuana? " And so on again and again. It is something unbelievable.

However, the music is good. There is a cabin right between the two pools where several deejays put their music throughout the night. The atmosphere begins to be somewhat suffocating. Because apart from the amount of people there, they can carry inflatable toys, balls and so on. Another problem is the light, you do not have too much light, just neon lights.

Also every 10 minutes they usually throw a thin layer of smoke that mixes between people, reducing significantly your visibility. Not only that, but also sometimes they throw foam into the pool and as a result, you can imagine. A lady complains that among so many people and so much heat, it is impossible to get to have fun at all: "I can not take it anymore, I need to leave now!" She tells his companion as she picks up his freshly spilled glass from the pool.

Yes, it is true that, when you buy the ticket, you are accepting some terms and conditions. Like for example, if you are very drunk or if you have violent attitudes, the guards take you out of there immediately. But with so many people, is very complicated to control everyone.

Although there are still a couple of hours of partying ahead, we decided to leave. It's 2.am in the morning and the heat and the crowd begin to wreak havoc. But there is a problem, we cannot remember which door we left. We finally find it; it is in the other side of where we are and after 30 minutes we are finally out of there.

The good thing about going to this party in April, is that time goes along. I can not imagine leaving here in December and snowing. They also do this party to welcome the New Year on December 30th.

Despite the fact  that the return to the apartment was pretty quick, I think I prefer a thousand times before the bath terms in a relax mode than in a party mode.



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