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The secret of vaccination is hidden well enough

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Students of Masaryk University are highly interested in travelling into exotic countries. A recent survey conducted for English section of muniMEDIA shows that 80% of respondents would like to visit some of these countries. Maybe it´s also because there it might happen that you won´t be on Facebook for a whole day.

Before you set out to explore an exotic country, you need to think of many other things apart from flight tickets and choosing the right amount of underwear. If you go to Africa, South America or Asia, you will have to undergo some vaccination. That might be problem not only because of the immunity of our body, which could be disrupted by the vaccination, but also because of the money which you have to invest into it. For example, vaccination needed for travelling to Cameroon would cost about 6 000 crowns. This figure is without the money spent on the recommended first aid kit.

It is important to think about problems which might be connected with travelling before leaving our home country. We should at least find out, what illnesses are common in the country we are going to visit. Many people are just getting vaccinated against something without knowing if it is really necessarily. They should at least be interested in what are they being vaccinated against. For example, 30% of respondents didn´t know what is it virus Zika. It is not that kind of illness we should get vaccinated against, as far as we go to the country, where we could get attacked. But if we didn´t mentioned such a promoted illness as virus Zika is, do we actually know something about the illnesses we are being vaccinated against?

When people travel to equatorial Africa, they need to be vaccinated at least against Hepatitis A and B, Typhus, Polio, Meningococcus, Tuberculosis and Tetanus, but there might be other requirements asked by the specific country you are going to entry. The survey showed, that most of the respondents are not well informed about what they are vaccinated against. For example 13 out of 20 respondents said, they are vaccinated against Hepatitis A. However this kind of vaccination is not usually applied if you travel into exotic countries or you have some other special needs. 25% of respondents said, they are vaccinated against Lyme, even though it is impossible. Most of them were not sure about their answers. “In 1976, children got 10 vaccines before starting the basic school. Today it is already around 36,” says the alternative doctor Ludmila Eleková on her website.

The surprising fact is, that also 10% of respondents didn´t know, what vaccination is based on. That shows, that even though everyone has been vaccinated at least against the compulsory illnesses, some people still don´t know, what happens in their body after applying the vaccine. Should we be aware of vaccination? 80% of respondents think, that vaccination is not harmful and the need of vaccination wouldn´t stop them in travelling to exotic countries. The reminding 20% are without opinion.

The problem is that most people are not curious about what vaccination is about, and doctors are not keen to talk about it. When I was searching some information about vaccination by experts, they refused to talk with me about it. “We won´t discuss theoretical issues because of their extensiveness and complexity,” wrote one of the vaccination consulting clinic in reply to my email.


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