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There is a lot of myths about veggies

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Vegetarianism was condemned in the past. Today it is modern to be a veggie. But most people aren’t real vegetarians. The vegetarianism is often mistaken with the healthy lifestyle. People choose vegetarian eating for many reasons, including healthy lifestyle, ethical reasons (they dislike killing animals), religious beliefs or personal taste preference.

Nicole, an eighteen-year-old student, doesn’t eat meat for several reasons. „The first reason is that I believe that animals have a soul. I don’t want to kill them for satisfaction of my needs, if I can satisfy them in another way.” Nicole believes in reincarnation. Also, she has never liked the taste of meat. She has been a “complete” veggie for three years, but even before it she was eating meat just exceptionally.

Becoming a vegetarian may not be very easy. “At the beginning people looked at me strange and with a distance,” Nicole says, “but now they take it as given. But still there are some people who will never accept it. My father is perfect example.” It is because a lot of people have some prejudices. You can read some of them in this article.

Many people for example think that it is difficult to cook without meat and that it isn’t easy to have colourful cuisine. “Any meat can be replaced by some vegetarian alternation.” Nicole thinks that thanks to that replacement, vegetarian cuisine is more colourful than regular “meat cooking”. “Many people think that we eat just sweet food. It’s not true. For example, I almost don’t eat sweets.” And what is her favourite food? “I love bulgur with carrot and onion. And vegetarian pizza is delicious too!” Vegetarian cooking is based on right using of spice. Nonvegetarians often aren’t used to use so much spice. The meat doesn’t need as much seasoning as vegetarian food.   

Another myth is that vegetarians have few nutrients. “It is important that people eat enough legumes and have colourful diet to have enough nutrients and to be able to function normally. “I drink a glass of milk and eat some yogurts daily because I feel that my body needs dairy products. Everybody knows what her or his body needs” Nicole thinks. And how is it with a price? “Soya and legumes are cheaper than meet.” Nicole says. Vegetable is cheaper only in summer. “I cook often with a zucchini.” But in winter it is more difficult. “I don’t enjoy food so much in winter. I have to eat just frozen vegetable, because it is cheap.”

However, there is an interesting twist. A lot of people around Nicole think that it is crazy that she doesn’t eat meet, but she wears leather shoes. After all, animals had to die for leather too. “Well, I am not so orthodox. Vegetarianism for me is just about the food. And I’m not that type of person who thinks that animals shouldn’t be killed without any exception” she explains. An example –mm   she thinks that when an animal is suffering (is ill or hurt), it should be put down.

Of course, it isn’t easy to be a vegetarian. There are a lot of obstacles. It is very difficult in restaurants. If you want to have some vegetarian food, there is often only fried cheese and no more choices. “But it’s becoming better and better these days. Today there are a lot of new vegetarian restaurants.” Nicole thinks that it is maybe connected with a phenomenon of healthy diets.


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