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Three homelands for one person: from Middle East to Brno

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Moutasem Yousef is a person who can call three countries his home. As many people in Jordan, his ancestors have their roots in Palestine, but Moutasem spent his childhood in Jordan. And the last two years he has been living in Brno. “I am very grateful for this occasion. There are not many things that I miss. I have a flat, work and girlfriend here,” describes the 30-year-old man.

Moutasem works for Jordan arms factory which have a subsidiary in Brno. But it was not his dream and first study intent. “I studied an architecture and chemical engineering in Jordan,” he says. Of course he cannot forget to praise with his success in first field. “One of task in study was to build a three-floor villa. I was competent to manage it for two weeks. Everybody around did not believe his own eyes!” he laughs.

During the study Moutasem has already started to co-operate with arms factory.  “I was always curious how the things are moving, how the particular components are working in diversely machines including weapons. I wanted to see what is inside. So when I heard about job offer in arms factory, I did not hesitate. Nowadays I worked in company for twelve years,” he explains why he chose this work.

When company founded a subsidiary in Czech Republic, Moutasem did not vacillate about new experience. “First year I did not work steadily in Brno, but last year I am helping out for company only in Brno. We are working here in a group around fifty people. The most are Czechs and the rest are Slovaks and one Jordanian – me,“ he describes.

On the basis of previous experiences, Moutasem do not think there are many differences between the style of life in Czech Republic and Jordan. “But we emphasize family more in my homeland. On the other hand it means that I can see bigger society in Brno than in capital of Jordan, Amman.

Although he lives in Brno for two years, Moutasem is still giving priority English before Czech. “The pronunciation of Czech words is difficult for me. I usually pronounce differently than my colleagues and then they do not understand me. But I am tenacious and believe the next year I will be able to speak Czech fluently,” he says.

During his stay Moutasem managed to make an opinion on Czech people. “I can see how their mentality is similar to Germans. You can see this in their culture, sense of humour…. But Jordan also gained a lot from neighbour states – Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Palestine.”

Brno and Amman are two homes for Moutasem, but as he says, his real homeland is Palestine. “My ancestor had to leave Palestine in 1950s,” he explains. Many Palestinians had to leave country before Jews. And that is the origin of the conflict between Jews and Muslims. “I have not a personal problem with Israel and Jews, but it is still hard to reconcile with their expulsion,” he says. Moutasem is very interested in domestic political situation. “There is big tension between nationalistic and religious groups, but I am not active in this dispute.”

Despite his serious interest in things in Jordan, Moutasem is satisfied with his personal situation. “I have a Czech girlfriend who works in same company as me. Now I am focusing on her and work and that is the most important for me,” he says.

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