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To Hungary and even further

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How far can I travel on a bike? – it is name of Martin Matěj’s film about his journey on bicycle from Chrastice in the Czech Republic to Istanbul in Turkey. Martin is a photographer, cameraman and traveler. He stopped studying at university because of this extraordinary, challenging and fulfilling trip . „When I came back from my holiday in Malaysia, I realized I want to continue with traveling and learning about other countries. However, next time much more adventurously and less expensively,” Martin describes  impulse to a more than two-month journey on a bike.

Martin (right) on the way home with his father. Foto: Martin Matěj 

Martin‘s parents at first didn’t support his way and they stopped financially helping him, because he quitted the university. But he continued following his dream and began to earn money for the trip, which attracted him so much. And that started the third of March.

He started out from home in the village Chrastice through Olomouc and Brno to Bratislava. When he was in the Czech Republic, his friends accomodated him, then Martin searched accommodation through a couchsurfing. It is community of people who share their homes for free.

Martin filmed his inspirational journey. „I took with me a camera, because I wanted to share this story with other people,“ Martin explains. Every time he wanted to shoot something, he had to put his camera on the ground and later come back for it by the bicycle, which had about forty kilograms. It looked like this - two backpacks stuffed in the rear carrier, the same at the front, another bag on the handlebars and another rucksack on his back.

Martin originally wanted to go to Slovakia and Hungary, but when he was there, he decided to go even further. „I told my parents that I am probably going to Slovakia and Hungary, but Croatia and sea were so near, I decided to go there,“ he says about the first extension of his journey.

When Martin didn‘t find accommodation, he camped. Near the town of Varazdin in Croatia or over a cliff close by Dubrovnik. „In Croatia I enjoyed a lot of beautiful views. But once it blew terribly strong headwind and that day I had reached the bottom, but I eventually got to longed-for sea.“ Yet in Croatia Martin didn‘t finish his journey. He drove on. „At that moment I caught a second breath and then I pedaled perhaps another forty kilometers quite easy,“ Martin says in his video from journey. He arrived in Albania. „I will miss this country. Great people, beautiful nature, beautiful mountains. What else could you wish for. And a good meal!“

Then Martin arrived in Macedonia and in Turkey. „People in Turkey are incredibly sojourned. Two Turks accomodated me, right after they had met me on the road. They couldn‘t speak a word of English, I couldn‘t speak a word of Turkish, but they took me and I got a lot of food and socks,“ Martin says appreciatively.

And how did Martin get back home? Again, on the bike. On the way back Martin also arrived in Bulgaria. Even more, his dad joined him on his journey back and completely changed his negative attitude. „I understood that a boy had gone away form Chrastice and man is coming back with a rich experiences and a very strong male energy of his life journey,“ said the proud father.




Martin (right) on the way back with his father. Foto: Martin Matěj

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