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Traveling means everything to me. Said student of journalism Barbora

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Barbora is a 24-year-old student of journalism at Faculty of Social Sciences. Her greatest hobbies are traveling, writing and broadcasting her own radio show. She was studying abroad in Lisbon in Portugal. Now she want to go for another Erasmus.

Barbora Krajčírovičová

For Barbora last year was a year of a lot of changes. She is 24 years old and she is from Bratislava, Slovakia. After graduating high school she decided to move to Brno and start to study Media & Journalism and European studies. Currently she is taking Masters degree at Faculty of Social Studies. She was studying abroad in Lisbon and now she wants to go in Ljubljana. Travelling means a lot for her.

“When I was younger me and my family had never been on any vacacion. My first vacation was with my highschool classmates when I was 17. We went on a trip to northen Spain. Since that I realized that was the most exciting experience in my life and I decided to travel more,” said Barbora excitedly. She seemed calm. Her skin was slightly kissed by the sun. When she was talking about her first travel I remember that she was really enjoying that.

“I have always wanted to travel. Exploring a new places, meet new people, get to know with foreign cultures in different countries. In my opinion these things make me who I am today,” says Barbora. She smiled slightly and took a sip of coffee.Barbora told me that she will go for her second Erasmus trip next semester. And her boyfriend will come with her. She seemed really excited and happy about it.

Her first Erasmus destination was sunny Lisbon in Portugal. She was studying Higher School of Social Communication (ESCS). She told me her “traveling soul was in heaven”. The country is beautiful and she had an opportunity to visit many exciting places such as Porto, Azores and Madeira. As we were talking about Erasmus she took a telephone out of her pocket and started showing me a pictures from the trips. After a semester she came back to Brno. It was in July in 2017. She also spend summer travelling.

After half a year she came back to her old life. She came back to Radio R. “I missed them so much. The people in radio are like my own family. It was a really long semester without them,” says Barbora who is a head of HR in Radio R. Besides school and work in bank, Barbora spend all of her free time in radio.

Radio R is a student community radio based in Faculty of Social Studies. Barbora is a member since 2015. She started with broadcasting her own radio show. “I am a head of HR. It means human resources. My job is to be a producer on events of radio. I have to contact people for technical part, photographers and cameraman,” informed Barbora. Her work in radio is so good that she just got job in national Czech radio as a producer. As we talked about it I can say she is proud and knows it is a really big opportunity which can take her to a whole new area of her career and among professionals.

She also told me the reason why she wants to go for another Erasmus. “Erasmus changed me a lot. It is all about the exchange. I had to change country, school, people, accommodation, currency and many other stuff. I can feel I am more grown up then I used to be. I can handle things and face problems. If you are all by yourself in foreign country you have to face it. Anything can happen. Once I have literally no place to live. It was in the end of my last month in Lisbon. So, me and my friends decided that we will couchsurfing all over the Madeira. I met many interesting people and it was really fun!” says Barbora.

When I asked her about her future in next few months she has very clear expectations. She and her boyfriend Max are going for an Erasmus to Ljubljana in Slovenia. They will leave in October and stay there for a semester. After that she is planning to complete Master degree and move with Max together.

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