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Turkish student: Politics is my best choice

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"I feel like it is important for me to learn more, travel more and share more. I want to let more people know about Turkey, and I want to know more about the world."

Blonde hair in wild-curly rock style, distinguishing vintage silver earrings, fashionable clothes. It is not easy to figure out that this is the dressing style of a "political majored student" until you find that she is reading a book called Politics in Turkey. Melis Sabanci, and a 22-year-old girl from Turkey, majors in political science, is now having her exchange semester at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. She recently completed a research paper with her professor from her home university, about the international relationship between Turkey and European countries. The interview begins at a table near the library of the Faculty of Social Studies. Melis illustrates that she is her favorite place, as she can easily access the books she wants. During the interview, she always shows a sense of positivity, her laughter runs through the whole conversation; while her patriotic personality reveals within every story she shares.

Melis likes traveling; this is also a reason why she chose Brno for her exchange. Last summer, she went to the United States for three months. She says it was an unforgettable journey. However, compared to the US, she likes Brno more. "Everything is nice here; and I'm in the center of Europe, I can go almost anywhere! "In fact, she just came back from Berlin with her friends; and they are planning to go to Hungary in the coming weekend. Melis says she is always very enlightening when she sees all those "textbook pictures" with her own eyes. Moreover, after studying international politics, it is undoubtedly meaningful to feel the culture by herself.

However, during her tour to the US, there are also some stereotypes about Turkey that make her really upset, "Turkish people are not close-minded, and we are definitely not terrorists!" She cares about how others think about Turkey, and can not help herself complaining about how sad she is when she listens to people misunderstand her country. "After many of these moments happened to me, I feel it is important to learn more, travel more and share more. I want to let more people know about Turkey, and I want to know more about the world. "

Melis becomes very excited when talking about the reason for choosing political science. "You would not believe that it was because of my father". Due to the duty of military service in Turkey her father joined the Turkish army for ten years; therefore her father has a close connection with Turkish politics. "Military and political documents were my children's books," she laughed. Those readings inspired Melis when she was young, and she gave her much interest in learning politics.

Besides the influence of family, Melis also has her own thoughts. "The ruling government is sometimes very selfish, ignoring the feelings of the citizens," she said. Since 2002, the AKP has been the ruling party of Turkey. Many political protests have taken place in the society, raising citizens' voice about improving the democratic system in Turkey's social development, while very little improvement happened. During that time, Melis read a lot of news about the Turkish society, "I also took part in some protests." She laughs again, unlocks her phone, trying to show me some pictures she took during a protest. "I do not want my country to be undemocratic. Government needs to listen to people. I strongly believe it is also my duty to do something for my country. In this case, politics is my best choice. "

International relationship is the direction she focuses on in Brno. Back to Turkey, due to government control, university professors say less about social issues in Turkey. Therefore, Melis decides to participate in the exchange, "it can be more critical when judging other countries than our homeland". The truth is, the classes here do not disappoint her. Melis finds that she can receive more information about European political situations and international relations at Masaryk University. "Because I know, a country should learn from others to see what fits the society best. I learn more from lectures and discussions. Meanwhile, my professor knows much about Turkey. It is always impressive listening to his lecture "she smiles.

The interview ends with the question about the ideal job in the future, Melis laughs, she gives her answer without hesitation. "I'm not going to be a politician! I want to be a journalist, or a teacher. I want to go in-depth of political truths. I hope that I can tell you more about the problem that the Turkish society is facing, and how people can improve the circumstances. I would be a reality-based person, and let more people know about Turkey, while helping my country become better. "

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