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Was Alan Turing human or a machine, was genius or a weirdo? Morten Tyldum seeks the answer in his movie The Imitation Game

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From the film The imitation game

 Do you realize that there were many war heroes who lived among us and we do not know anything about that? Are the ways how Allies won the war in 1944 clear or is it just an uncovered secret? I had no idea how many things were hidden under surface until I saw Morten Tyldum´s wartime drama based on the life of Alan Turing – the mathematical genius, the cryptanalyst and the founder of modern computer science who lived between 1912 – 1954.

The movie is full of interesting facts and stories about history of World War II which were previously unknown to me. I think the best thing on this movie is that it is based on a true story. If you like the type of movies which interprets the facts through a human story this is a very good choice for you. If you have an eye for detail you will appreciate the precise work which the Norwegian director Morten Tyldum used to provide a fascinating insight into the life, habits and standards recognized in Great Britain in the forties of the twentieth century. That was not the first movie based on a human story from this director, he has been awarded many times for his amorous comedy Buddy. Although this is quite different style, according to the eight Academy Award nomination for this movie, we can see, he works great with human heroes and sad destinies.

Benedict Cumberbatch continues to the top of the ladder of the best present actors in the world. His acting in the main role is very convincing. He gives a compelling performance as the genial sociopath with complicated character standing on the edge of society and follows the demons of Turing down to his bones. With his incredible mathematical talent he is the only one chance for Allied forces how to break the code of Nazi encryption device called Enigma. The problem is that he can not do that on his own, he needs the team however his unconventional methods and incorrect behavior are not so popular between his co-workers. Keira Knightley in the role of his closest friend Joan Clark means from my opinion the only weak point of the movie. Although for her acting performance she has been nominated for Academy Award, I would say that she plays too conventionally.

Don´t be put off by the length because the design, production and music don´t allow you to be bored for any minute. The film is cut perfectly and forces your heart into throat. It works very well with the emotions and expectations of the audience. During all 114 minutes you will feel crop-fulled with your feelings. The paradox of the story is that the hero who overcame Nazism was convicted for the homosexuality and his genial mind was destroyed by medicine. As a result, you are becoming powerless against the unfairness.

Thanks to strong human story I would highly recommend it to anyone also the ones who are not interested in the area of the war movies.

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