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Wasteland is my home, Junktown is my city

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All people, living and walking on the surface of the planet Earth, are part of the species of living organisms called humans. And we all are different in many ways. We are unique in our appearance, our characters are heterogeneous and every single man, woman (or anybody who identify themselves as an individual with one of the uncountable amount of other genders) is incomparable and irreplaceable.

This fact often leads to some negative consequences, which result in the feeling, that the person does not belong to any social group and desperately tries to find their true self. Tomas Hubka, a 24-year-old man from Pisek, experienced the same problém and he has always thought this was a real struggle for him.

“I’m an extrovert - I love talking to people and having fun with them or going to parties. I like videogames and fantasy/sci-fi films and series as well, that’s why I used to be a regular visitor of many Czech events and cons with this theme,” he says and adds that he was feeling a bit out of the ambience every time he attended a festival without any costume or even friends. That’s why he and his roommate decided to create their own cosplays, too.

As they admitted right in the beginning, they’re a bit lazy and irresponsible, so they needed something that would be easy-to-make, cheap, effective and creative. Impossible, you think? Supposedly, an hour of smoking, drinking and discussion (or “gentleman policy-making”, as they call it) on their balcony was enough.  

“We get high on Mad Max films and Fallout PC games and just kind of discovered that this post-apocalyptic style simply suits us the best.” Cool rusty weapons, cars with flamethrowers passing through the desert; the world after its end, after the Fall. Destroyed, damaged, yet still working. Romantic, isn’t it? In contrast of their costumes, though. “They were made of stuff and clothes found in our flat or some trash like old pneumatics and traffic signs. It needed to be authentic as much as possible and we actually had a lot of fun while working on it.”

They were totally thrilled to show up like this at the next con but the reactions they received from the other visitors were unfortunately very various. Some people loved their appearance and were excited to meet with fans of old Mad Max films, the others were rather confused and there were even some who couldn’t stand their presence at all.

“We just wanted to have fun and fulfill the role of residents of the wasteland – yes, we were loud, rude and a little bit uninviting but that’s what cosplaying is all about. However, the organizers became highly displeased with our behaviour and, long story short, our access to those cons is now prohibited. For the rest of our lives.”

When one door closes, another door opens, says the favourite well-known quote and Tomas’ case was no exception. It did not take long and he encountered an old friend who he used to visit LARP (= live action role playing) events with and got an invitation for a mysterious brigade to build up some post-apocalyptic con called Junktown.

“The whole idea seemed pretty awesome to me. Wasteland festival in the grounds of a former rocket base? Oh man, you bet I’m in!” That is the story how he got to Bratronice, a lovely little village in the middle of the Czech Republic, for the first time. It was the beginning of autumn; there weren’t many people, only the handful of volunteers working and fixing all the broken stuff after the previous event to prepare the area for the next season.

“I have no problem with some challenging work, I’m really used to it. But what really surprised me were those people. You could meet there a designer of computer games who was digging a channel. A chemist, who was repairing the roof. An airplane quality technician who was working on a building of futuristic casino and is one of the most hyperactive persons I know. All of them were so much different from each other and all of them were so much friendly. That place, with all its occasional inhabitants, felt like home. Ever since that day I have known that this was it. This was all I had been looking for.”

That happened almost three years ago. Many things have changed, his opinion about Junktown remained the same. It’s still a second home for him and Tomas is one of the main organizers of the whole festival now. How many hours has he spent working there? He doesn’t know but he would joyfully do it again. So much fun, so many unforgettable experiences. An event with a unique atmosphere in a unique ambience built by fans for fans – everything you have ever dreamt about. 

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