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We are more funny and relaxed, says the Greek man

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Michalis Pistaris, a twenty-nine-year-old man from Greece, has been living in the Czech Republic for one month. So far he has plenty experiences to share.

We met near the Brno’s famous astrological clock. Michalis has a funny nickname for the monument, based on its shape, but it obviously cannot be published for the sake of the readers’ morals. He is wearing a dark winter jacket and comfy jeans and looks very self-confident and positive as always. We are heading to the cafe near the Svoboda square. He goes for a frappé, obviously.

The young successful man studied economics in Greece. After he had finished his studies, he went to Malta and found a good job there. Unfortunately, there still exists a mandatory military service in Greece. “I had to come back to Greece and lost nine months of my life. I had to start again from scratch,” says Michalis sadly. After the service, his friend contacted him and asked if he wanted to go to the Czech Republic. “A friend of mine was working in the same company and she recommended me this job. I wanted to work abroad because of a difficult economic situation in Greece.”

Michalis works in the campus of Masaryk University. He is a member of an IT team. His co-workers are people of different nationalities- Spanish, French, Italians, Greeks as well as some Czech people. “Czech people are always on time. I was surprised, when I came here, that everything goes according to plan. Everything works here.” Even though Michalis is satisfied with the job, which is interesting and well-paid, he sometimes misses his country and so-called “southern mentality”. “I have mostly Italian, Spanish and Greek friends in Brno. We are the same. More relaxed, funny…we used to laugh a lot at work.” Despite the fact that he is used to friendlier working environment, he denies having any negative experience both at work and in everyday life.

Among many other things, Michalis was surprised by the weather, which is very cold compared to Greece. Also, he didn’t expect the second largest city of the Czech Republic to be so quiet. “It’s like living in a village. I like that because in Athens it is so crowded.” Another positively unexpected thing is the fact that our country is well-known for an inexpensive good-quality beer. “There is so many beer festivals, wine festivals and everything is so cheap! I got terribly drunk with my friends, when I first came here. You have to drink beer at restaurants since it is cheaper than water,” says Michalis laughing.

As every traveller, Michalis is sometimes homesick. Mostly he misses a pleasant weather, food and a sea. He recommends to visit his hometown- Athens. “Athens is huge. You need to spend weeks there to see everything. The most important things are the Acropolis, the Museum of Acropolis, the Monastiraki, the Lykavittos Hill and others. You should also visit some surrounding islands such as Mykonos,” he advises.

One of the Michalis’s hobbies is spending time in nature. Therefore, he appreciates the nature of our country. He is planning to travel a little around the Czech Republic and also around the whole Europe. His next target is Amsterdam, which is actually really convenient since he enjoys cycling. However, Michalis is a type of man who does not like to make long-term plans. “I have a contract for one year but I have no idea how long I’m going to stay here. Maybe more, maybe less. I am spontaneous man and I want to enjoy life,” says smiling Michalis Pistaris.


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