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We are more open in Russia, says Russian student

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Danil Egorov studies in Czech Republic at Masaryk University - Faculty of Medicine for two years. His English is pretty good, as well as his Czech. He seems to be very shy and nice.

  After an unsuccessful study at Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University Danil Egorov started to think about his future. “I was thinking about options after that I had a discussion with my parents and I have decided Czech Republic would bet he best option for me. Especially my brother studies at University of Technology in Brno,” said 21-year-old Danil. He adds the reason why his parents chose the Czech Republic for his brother: “They like Brno very much and they were thinking that Czech language will be easier for us. Moreover, studying in Czech is for free.”


Daniel chose healthcare sector in Czech as well, but he did not pass the entrance exam of general medicine so he started to study in field of medicine as radiologic assistant at Masaryk University - Faculty of Medicine. Danil chose the medical field for many reasons.“People should not be scared of doctors and people should not go through illnesses alone,” he says. At the same time, he adds that his mother is dentist in Russia and she wants to have son who will one day work as a doctor. Danil wants to stay in Brno for this summer, because he wants to have a part time job in a hospital. “I will get more experiences and practice. So, I am willing to pay a tax for this,“ says Danil.


Russian guy likes czech school system, but he thinks it is more difficult than in Russia. But he is looking for another years of studying. Nowadays he feels frustration in Czech because he does not have home here and his personality was changed and he became more closed in Brno. But he loves few Czech specifics: “I love Czech beer and Czech cuisine, like guláš or svíčková. And I really like singer Jaromir Nohavica.”


When he has a free time, he loves skiing. “I love mountains and skiing so much, unfortunately, I have never tried it on the Czech slopes,” Danil says. He and his family try a lot of ski areas in Europe. They like ski slopes in Slovakia and Bulgaria. He says that there are not many ski areas in Russia. Except skiing he likes watching cartoons. He tries to see deep meaning in it because he thinks every cartoon has some deep point.


He studies in Czech language. He spent nine months of learning Czech language at courses in Brno before he started to study. “I really love Czech language, but I can speak only by standard Czech, so when my classmates talk together, sometimes I cannot understand what they say,” Danil explains with laugh. Otherwise, he does not have a problem writting in Latin alphabet. He had English at a primary school in Russia, so he can normally write in Latin alphabet without any difficulties.


Danil studies in Czech for two years and he does not know if he wants to stay here or go back to Russia after school. “I know there are most of opportunities in my future work in hospital. But nowadays it would be selection between work and my family. And I miss my family very much in these days,” he says.

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