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We did a marathon, but in the comfort of our seats

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We are proud of ourselves. We did it. We managed to keep the attention for an incredible twenty hours.

A month ago my boyfriend, I and our three friends decided to do one crazy thing. We wanted to watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day. There are eight movies and each of them takes more than two hours. All the movies together take nineteen hours and forty minutes. Without credits, it takes about more than eighteen hours. And it is not easy.

Our friend Filip had the idea. And we agreed because we are all fans of this saga and we wanted to review those things that we had forgot because the story is quite complicated. It is easier to remember everything when you watch them all in a row.

And here we go. We are all well rested thanks to a long sleep from the previous day. We bought a lot of popcorn, coffee, water and food. We are ready! It is Saturday and we are at Monika's flat. She is my best friend and her boyfriend Lukáš is also with us. It is terrible time - 4 am, because we do not want to fall asleep. We should finish around 11 pm.

„Oh my god, this is so exciting!,“ says Monika, while the first movie is beginning. We are absolutely excited. The first movie Sorcerer's Stone is great. At 6 am we are having a breakfast. I and Monica prepared sandwiches. Nobody wants to sleep. In fact, even the second movie called Chamber of Secrets is going with no problems. Everyone is enjoying it and we are all pleased that Filip came up with this great idea. Well, this joy does not last long.

During the third movie, I find that Monika is getting sleepy. Immediately I nudge her to wake up. "It is a noon and you want to sleep? Do ten squats,” said my boyfriend Michal with a smile. Monika stood up and because we are great friends, we do not leave her in it alone. So, during the movie we are all doing squats. Fortunately, we do not miss much from the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Kniha Harry Potter, autor: Martinus

The fourth movie is in front of us and my whole body hurts from a constant sitting. Every five minutes I'm changing my position. However, Goblet of Fire is my favourite Harry Potter movie, so I overcome it. Meanwhile, we are eating pizzas that we ordered for a lunch. After about twenty minutes we all begin to look at others. What is on other's minds? I wonder why we are doing it. Does that make any sense? Everything hurts me and we are just about in the middle of the marathon. Suddenly, everyone starts laughing. "That was the worst idea of all time, thank you Filip," we all agree, and Filip, while laughing, apologises.

Every hour is getting worse and worse. We are having a third cup of coffee. We're really tired. After the sixth movie comes the biggest crisis. We are thinking about whether we finish the marathon or not for about five minutes. “We're so close to the end, we do not have to give up,” says Lukáš. So we finally decide to finish the marathon.

At 8 pm, before the last movie, we are doing squats again because we were all falling asleep. We are trying to eat all the food till there’s nothing left. Monika and Lukáš are competing over who can stuff more popcorns inside the mouth. As expected, Lukáš wins. During the scene where Severus dies, we are all melted. Mainly me and Monika. Perhaps, these are tears of happiness that marathon finally ends. We did it.

The Whole marathon with breaks included took about nineteen hours. I know that this experience is not for everyone, but we can recommend it to all the fans of the Harry Potter franchise. You need tones food, 3 or 4 coffees and a lot of patience, but it's worth it.

If you decide to do movie marathon, you should be careful. We were a fortunate that we were all well rested. Even if you stayed up all night watching a movie marathon on the couch and not moving, the lack of sleep will cause our muscles, particularly the legs, to ache. There is no proven medical link between insomnia and muscle pain, but it is thought that muscles require sleep to rest and repair tissues.

I realized that movies are not better with marathon. I can recommend to watch every day for example two movies per day. You will enjoy it more than a marathon. 


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