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We have rice and tea, you have bread and beer, says Emily Chang

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She came to the Czech Republic to teach Chinese language due to her Master’s program in Taiwan. She will be in Brno for three months and now she already thinks she would like to come back one day.

Emily Chang came to Brno because her Jinan University has an internship programme with Masaryk University. Her specialization is teaching Chinese as a second language. So she was happy to take this opportunity to teach Czech people Chinese language. “My students are enthusiastic and really nice,” says Emily Chang. She is satisfied with staying here yet. “I have no bad experience in the Czech Republic,” added Emily. At the first sight she looks like a … smiling student. Nobody would guess that she is a teacher. She looks really young. 

She likes travelling in her free time here. She thinks that Brno has a good geographic location, so travelling is easy and interesting. Over the last weekend she was travelling in Slovakia and she visited among the others the capital city of Slovakia - Bratislava. “I like magnificent buildings in the Czech Republic and its surrounding,” says Emily.

She describes differences between the Czech Republic and Taiwan. “We live a fast-paced life in Taiwan. But here it is much slower,” explains Emily. Another big difference is the language. Chinese and Czech are absolutely different languages with different rules and font. Emily is trying to learn Czech, but she thinks that it is hard. She is not stressed about it because she says that body language can always solve any problem.

Czech food is the biggest strangeness for her. “We have rice and tea, you have bread and beer,” says Emily. There are other options what to eat, but bread and beer are the most typical symbols of the Czech cuisine. Although it is well-known information Emily was surprised with this Czech character.

Emily is really busy woman. She had just short time for the interview. Even thought she was really nice and helpful with this profile story. It is maybe a common thing for everybody from Asia, at least that is what we think.


Michaela Synková, Veronika Jelínková


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