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When amateurs have as crazy fans as national team

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Four three, two, yes! Everyone are shouting and jumping. I am hearing a noise of drums, tubes and clapping. "Champions, champions, champions", fans in white clothes are screaming. Floorball team Mobydicks won the final and you can feel the happiness in the air. Across the hall it is absolutely different. People in blue clothes are sad and just watch. Team Centaurs is second again and it is a big disappointment. No, this is not world floorball championship. This is tiny amateur league in small city in Czech Republic. But for most of this shouting people it means more than Stanley cup.

Almost every village in Czech has some sport team. Mostly it is football, but often it is hockey or floorball team. Every second weekend is match, every week is at least one training - it is a routine and everyone is used to it. This is routine also for Milan Štěrba until his 11 years. Floorball has become his biggest hobby. Now he is 24 and he has played in three teams, but mostly with the same people. Last few years his team Mobydicks are champions of city league in Příbram and he is the captain.

“Floorball is one of the most favorite thing in my live.” Milan said. “It gives me friends, hobby, and that feeling that I am good at something. It takes me away free time and this is sometimes problem with my girlfriend, but mostly she is my biggest fan.”

Players and fans are sometimes able to do things that someone could call crazy things. Centaurs rented a bus for the final. Every fan paid 70 crown for one journey from their village Nový Knín to Příbram where the final was. They bought drum. Everyone has T-shirt with number of their favorite player and the logo of the team. Players from Mobydicks bought lot of energy drinks, fruit and juices to their cabin. They also made signs with names to their places. "There it was like in representation team." the captain of Mobydicks said with smile. Milan’s friends secretly met and painted transparent.  


What is the price for winner? It is medal, cup and that feeling. Every team has to give more than it receives. Every team in this small league in Příbram has payed about 18 000 crowns for one year. It is money for rent the hall and fee for organizations. Every player has to buy the equipment too. Some teams have the luck that some of their fan can be their supporter. Some companies give some money to this amateur teams. Often the owner of this companies is some of players, dad of players or some big fan. Sponsors can give money or buy something. Sometimes this gifts are also motivating. Sponsor of another team from Příbram's league - Hedgehogs - bought a diner to players. But sponsor said "I will pay it if you would win next two matches.”

And what happened after this final? What happened in cabin it is a secret of the team. Later in the evening it was time to celebrate. Team had a reservation in small pub. Players, their friends and girlfriends sit around the table and everyone had small smile on the face, goalkeeper has beer foam on the face. "Did you see that my goal? It was great. When you would play like me we would give twice as much goals." said Milan to teammate.  "Shut up, I have one great assistance. Vojta played like in sleep." teammate responded. The final is topic that boys could talk about forever. And they have their own style of humor. They like each other but in Czech it is said - What teasingly, it tends to be loved - so they make fun of each other. This meeting and the collective is one of the most important thing why this amateur groups works. "The main reason why I play this league is that we are great group of friends. We play together well and I also like every guy like a person. I like meeting boys once a week and chatting with them." Milan explains.

Sport creates a community. Players are supported by their friends, parents and girlfriends. This people became the biggest fans and together they create the community. People need to belong somewhere and this amateur teams helps them to realize that needs. But there is no more time to talk about it. The world championship in hockey has started.  Mobydick’s fans have to add to their white colour red and blue. This fans will try to support Czech hockey representation like they support their friends in Příbram, but it is not for sure.

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