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Wine, singing, and dancing – that’s what you can enjoy in South Moravia

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Every Erasmus student should explore the country he visits. And that means, that he should discover some of the traditions this country has. In this country, there are lots of traditional occasions in every corner of the land, but mostly you can find it in South Moravia. Brno is a part of South Moravia, but it’s a city and in the city, the traditions are held little differently than in villages. But that’s not a problem, you can use bus or train to get to any village in South Moravia and enjoy our unique customs. Moreover, when you take a bus, there’s chance that you meet someone wearing a folk costume. “Sometimes when I take a bus wearing my folk costume, people stare at me because they are surprised. They may think ‘What’s up tonight?’ because no one is wearing this costume without a reason,” Pavlína Bayerová says. So take the bus and you may be surprised too.

Chasa dancing in folk costumes.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting is one of many South Moravian traditions which can everyone who likes to drink wine enjoy. This event usually takes place between January and March. It depends on the village. There are also Early wine tastings (it’s called Saint Martin’s wine tasting because of the date) which take place in November, usually on 11th November or later.

Before the Wine tasting, there is degustation where winemakers taste the wine and choose the champion of each category. The gustation takes place one or two weeks before the tasting event and it’s because the samples of wines could change its taste after a longer time.

„Every wine tasting is different. There are events, where you can find over a thousand samples, but there are also some smaller villages in which they get just about one or two hundred samples,” winemaker Tomáš Trávníček said. You may think that hundred samples are enough but these events are popular and usually, there are lots of visitors and the samples are gone early.

But this event is not just about wine. Usually, there is also Dulcimer band. They play traditional folklore songs and people, who know these songs, sing and dance. Dancing and singing make Wine tasting an unforgettable event.

Liquor tasting

Liquor tasting is almost the same as Wine tasting but there are some differences. Obviously, the first difference is that you’re not tasting wine but liquor. But that’s not the only one. You can enjoy Liquor tasting throughout the year because there’s not a certain date for this event. It depends on the village and organisation. “There are different types of liquors ranging from classic slivovitz, apricot and pear liquors to banana and carrot liquors,” Tomáš Trávníček claims.

Hody (the Feasts)

Hody, in my opinion, is the best traditional event. It is a folklore feast where people dance, sing, drink and eat. This event usually takes place from May to November. This event was a religious feast in the past so the date depends on the tradition of each village. People of every age wear folk costumes. The young ones (older than 15 and unmarried) are called chasa. They wear this costume every year and visit other village’s Hody in it. Every year, there’s the main pair (in small villages it’s usually one pair but in bigger villages, there use to be three or more). The girl is called stárka and the boy stárek. These two or more people usually make the organisation of the feast. Each village is different, in some villages, there are three days in which they celebrate – dance, sing and so on. In my village, we have one main day. Chasa in folk costumes meets in a certain place and then go for stárek and stárka, they go through the village and then they celebrate at the place where they built a maypole (in czech mája). Usually, there are also people who wear ordinary formal clothes – they join the celebration too.

“This event is full of dance, wine, food and great people who enjoy unforgettable atmosphere of the feast. Who has never been to feast can’t imagine how great this event is,” member of chasa in Terezín Pavlína Bayerová said.

Open Wine Cellars

Another Wine tasting event. We love wine in our region and we are also good in making it. This event is held in summer. The winemakers prepare samples of wine and some refreshment. You just pay a ticket for this event, get a glass and walk from one cellar to another and drink as much wine as you want. There are usually folklore performances and in the evening, there is Dulcimer band.

Zarážání hory

Zarážání hory is an event which is connected to winemaking. Winemakers hammer in hora  near their vineyards (and usually it's on a hill). The symbol of hora is nowadays known as a maypole which is decorated with flowers and wreath made of vine leaves. After the hammering, people mustn’t go to vineyards because it’s a time for the wine to grow and ripe. In many villages, people celebrate that wine will be ripe soon and there are different events. In my village, Čejč, there are performances of singers, dancers and actors. We have traditional food and some drinks. But as I know, in another village, Kobylí, they have Open Wine Cellars as a celebration of this event. It depends on each village how they celebrate it.


In South Moravia, there are plenty of traditional events which you can visit and I described just some of them but I think these are the best. If someone is interested in these events usually he or she could find them on Facebook to see where and when one of them takes place. I think it’s good experience for both - Czech and foreign people. If someone visits one of these events he will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience and probably lots of new friends.

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