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Young and ambitious student on her way of helping people

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Do you take care of your body properly? Lucia Stančoková would probably say that you do not. Her wish to become an excellent physiotherapist comes from her passion to help people, even though it wasn’t her first career choice. She dreamed of being a doctor, but with physiotherapy she fulfills that dream from the different perspective and she does it with a heart full of love.

So, who exactly is Lucia? She is a physiotherapy student at Masaryk University in Brno. Even though she is only at her second year of studying, she already knows the mission of her life. “Physiotherapy is a hard work and many people doesn’t really know what it is”, she explains. She claims that the importance of physiotherapy is in some cases equal to pharmaceutical care and it has its place in treating oncological or neurological diseases, orthopedics, surgeries and much more. Physiotherapists work with people of all ages and use many interesting methods such as treatments with water or electricity.

Lucia chose physiotherapy because of its connection with medicine. Seeing a Human body exhibition in Brno filled her with interest about human anatomy and all the connections made of muscles, bones and nerves. Lucia admitted honestly, that her first year at the university was very hard and mostly theoretical and she didn’t enjoy it very much. At that time, she didn’t know exactly what she is getting into and she expected more practice. “There were many revisions of what I already knew from high school. For example, a biochemistry course felt like a second high-school-leaving exam.” She soon realized that no one can do anything properly without the knowledge of theoretical basis and she started to be motivated by her curiosity in human anatomy.

At her second year of studying Lucia is very happy and appreciates how much she can learn. She is looking forward to gaining all the new information and experience and she is quickly shaping into an expert. It is not only a rewarding job that comes from the studies, but also a great group of classmates. She explains that this kind of studies and work offers the opportunity to create life-long friendships. “At first I had difficulties with getting used to the fact that we need to undress to our underwear during some lessons to try individual techniques on each other,” she admits, “also patients need to be undressed so we can examine their difficulties properly so it is good to know what patient would be experiencing. At first it was very confusing for all of us and we were very shy but we have gotten used to it, because we understand it is important for our jobs.” She also added that it often leads to many funny stories.

Lucia now also takes compulsory practice at hospitals in Brno, where she learns how to approach patients with different problems. In some cases, Lucia must be very patient and caring and she describes some patients with a smile. “Many people believe that it is Dr. Google who is always right in everything and many times they try to convince physiotherapists about Dr. Google’s advice. It takes a really hard work to explain, that with those pieces of advice they can hurt themselves even more.” She also says that sometimes the biggest problem is that people need to undress to their underwear, but it is necessary to make a quality diagnostics.

It is exactly those stubborn patients she has most difficulties with. She says she is lucky not to experience something extraordinary and she laughs during describing the slightly scary story of her friend. “There was a little girl during our summer practice who bit my friend into a stomach and refused to let go. It required nurse’s assistance to tear the girl off from my friend.”

As she speaks about her future profession her love for physiotherapy is undeniable. It is not only her studies and her work, it is also her hobby. She is happy that she can share this lifelong passion with her boyfriend who studies physiotherapy as well. She met him at a spa health center the summer before she started studying at the university and she discovered a special connection between them - their life mission of helping people.

For everyone who wishes to be strong and healthy Lucia has a clear answer. “Right diet and exercising on a regular basis can make a real difference! Some people just don’t care about what they put in their mouth or which shoes to wear and that leads to most common body dysfunctions – obesity and flat feet and that increases heart diseases and scoliosis and so on.” Lucia reveals that many problems of people come from their work and she recommends to include small active-relax rooms for every workplace and office.

In conclusion Lucia says that physiotherapy is amazing and fascinating and she loves neurology and orthopedics the most. She is looking forward to taking a kinesiotaping course outside university in the near future. After finishing her studies Lucia also wants to take a course of Vojto’s method which concentrates mainly on treating children.

Even though Lucia’s future as a physiotherapist is still far away she is ambitious enough to know that one day she wants to build her own physiotherapy center. She also admits that it is a long road and she would need some practice too. “If I can choose between a hospital practice and a spa health resort practice, I would choose a spa. Most of the time it feels like the time has stopped there.” It seems that Lucia has found what makes her happy and with a kindness in her heart she is on her way to fulfilling her destiny. 

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